Abandon Baby Essay

There are some ways to prevent baby who being abandoned which divided into five parts. 1)The individual All religions in Malaysia prohibit sex before marriage. Every person has the responsibility to their own life so that they cannot let anyone pressure into having sex. Besides that, Besides that, there are good reasons to say “No, not yet” to anyone who asked about sex.

One of the reason is the person itself can protect the health and also the feeling from any problem of sex.The individual itself also must avoid from reading or viewing the pornographic materials. It also can be one of the reasons to arise an unwanted pregnancy among teenagers especially. In relationship, the partner who loves and respects women will not ask for sex before have a real relation. Then, the individual should get involved in more meaningful activities such as sports, volunteer works in order to avoid from involved in this kind of problem.

2)The parents Parents play a high role to educate children to become good in behavior by teaching to stay out of sexual relationships. They could story the consequences of being relationship in an early age. Furthermore, the parents should keep an eye in every single activity that been involved by children. They also must able to talk if their children been weird and spend many times with their children. 3)School institution Sex education is not about the free sex. Actually,it is giving a lot of value to have sex education in school institution.From the process of learning, teacher could educate the young student about his or her body, importance of responsible relationships, the consequences of having unplanned and unprotected sex, what contraceptives do, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDs and how to say “No”. 4)Mass media Mass media also is one of the ways to prevent baby from being abandoned.

It is the nearest medium and the best way to communicate and educate teenagers. It all about how to protect themselves and give useful knowledge to avoid from involve in anything that can take them to this problem.Besides that, the suitable sex therapists or psychologist could be presenters of a special programme on sex education and set the stage for more personal discussions in homes and schools. 5)The government The government also must involve overcoming this problem from step by step and taking this matter seriously. Baby hatch is indeed good way to help single mother who cannot afford to take care the baby and nowadays ‘Sekolah Harapan’ is already built for person who involved in unwanted pregnancy.