As a person who loves statistics and coming from a country with over a billion people, I can say with a certain ‘degree of confidence’ that the probability of any one of my countrymen possessing a uniquely distinct background and experience is rather bleak. The statistical handicap apart, I certainly possess unique perspectives which have been developed over the course of my professional career spanning two industries and two countries.While the IT experience taught me to rapidly deploy my analytical skills in a business context, the financial experience helped me develop a vision for multiple sectors. However, my unique ability lies in bringing all my experience together to develop insights which a single industry exposure would not have provided.

For instance, working on a lending decision for a medium sized mining company, I decided to take my learning further by developing a framework for estimating the fair bid value of coal mining operations. With the empirical data collected from various literature and my own surveys on the ground, I deployed statistical regression tools such as SAS to find the limited parameters which most affect a bid value. Such experiences will help me add value to case discussions by bringing the Asian perspective of business in the discussions.On a personal front, through my initiative called Adhyay (meaning ‘A Chapter’), I tried to reach out to many teenage students who were in the need of competitive education and a life coach. During my post-graduation days, I was a part of the team that started the Finance club of the college. These experiences were instrumental in their ability to ingrain an entrepreneurial mindset in me and will help my peers in their understanding of the social impact of new ventures.

 Finally, my exposure to diversity through my travels across Asia and Europe will help me appreciate the contrasting viewpoints encountered during such discussions and help bridge the initial cultural gap in a class as diverse as MBS.