Abolishing Boxing Essay

We live in a world filled with restrictions, where seat belts are required to drive cars, where texting is not allowed while driving, and now, some are calling for a ban on boxing. Lowell Cohn, is against this ban on boxing, and has written a column criticizing the American Medical Association (AMA) on their call to abolish boxing. Despite, Cohn’s outcry to keep boxing legalized, I believe that boxing should be abolished. Cohn claims that boxers are more fully aware of the dangers of boxing and taking a “hit to the jaw” than doctors. He claims that they have a right to put themselves in danger and that there is honor in doing so.

He states that if boxing is outlawed then the fighting will be transferred to back alleys where there are no ref’s or mid-side doctors. Without that supervision, the resulting injury will be worse than if they were in a ring. Cohn makes valid claims that seem to be convincing, but there is flaw in his understanding. Many of the people who are boxers come from low statuses and are often very young, which may lead to them being uneducated. Meaning, they are not fully aware of the dangers of boxing and what they are doing to their bodies.

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Also, there is no proven fact that there is honor in getting hurt or fighting. If drugs and prostitution can be kept in check, so can boxing. In Cohn’s argument, he constantly criticizes the American Medical Association, but he does not state his opponent’s claims for the ban. He does not address the fact that the organization is filled with doctors and their evidence towards the issue. Boxing can result in brain and nerve damage for life, but it is not mentioned. One example of this is the reputable boxer Muhammad Ali who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s syndrome, which is common to head trauma.

Cohn fails to provide any reasonable support in his argument. Boxing should be prohibited because it is the most sensible and beneficial thing to do. It should be prohibited because it teaches individuals that it is okay to hit one another and settle disputes this way. This gives people a false belief that if they get hurt, it is alright to hit back. This also goes the variances of our time where dialect should be used to solve problems rather than violence. If boxing is abolished, then organized crime can diminish.

Prohibition would reduce the amount of money spent on their health care, especially when they become vegetables. This money spent could be used for other more important things. Cohn’s opposition is towards boxing is sincere, but they are not convincing and are based on faulty claims. Banning boxing, in fact, would according with the philosophy that is taught to every child, that dialect is better than violence, and it will prevent kids from learning violence. Also, abolishment would result in fewer injuries, and the money spent could be used to better our society. Banning boxing is a good idea!