Abortion equality and opportunities opening up to

Abortion is the medical process of ending a pregnancy,
normally before the stage of viability. However in different countries and
culture it may be acceptable before and after this point. This essay will be
arguing and giving two different perspectives on the argument. The first
perspective will be discussing whether it is the woman’s right to end a
pregnancy and if it is her freedom and choice and justified decision to do so.
Groups supporting the woman’s choice are known as Pro-Choice and their beliefs
are that women benefit from abortion if they are at risk of serious health
risks. On average 43% of all women will have an abortion at least once in their
life which is up to the woman as they believe1. However, this
argument has another side to it which is that all life is valued and the foetus
has a right in the abortion debate as its life is just as important. Pro-life
supporters believe this as they are mainly religious and believe life is God
given. In these perspectives they will link in laws and policies and the views
of countries around the world as abortion is a very global topic to consider
nowadays with the growing population.

In the last 50 years, woman in many societies all around the
world have been able to gain more rights due to the growing number of laws and
policies on gender equality and opportunities opening up to them. One of these
rights is argued that women should be allowed the right to have an abortion as
well as the foetus’s health and wellbeing, the woman’s is also very important
as she is the provider for the foetus and if she doesn’t have this right then
her health and wellbeing is put at risk. Due to medical advancements in the
last few years, having an abortion has been made far more accessible and in
some people eyes it has been to be more acceptable. There are four main reasons
why abortion may be seen as acceptable for women these are mentioned on
(BBC-ethics)2 and they state that it’s the “woman’s body so it’s her
own individual choice”, “it is vital for the woman’s own health, banning
abortions means woman may have to go to extremes to be happy and it is an
honest free choice”. The problem with the information and the source it comes
from is that the BBC is only a national source and is mainly focused on British
values and what the policy says in Britain not on global policies. However,
this source may be reliable as it is written by a professional and well known
company so the points and facts given may be relevant.

An important case that has come out of making abortion a
right and a case that is very influential to many people is the Roe vs. Wade
case in America in the 1970’s3. This was a case that was fighting
for woman’s right to abortion especially in the case of women with severe
health problems, rape victim as it can be traumatising to the woman to have the
baby of a rapist. The judges of the case made “trimester frameworks” so
abortion was justifiable early on and later on in pregnancy if necessary for
the woman. This supports the question that abortion is a right for women. The
source is relevant as it talks about the rights of abortion and it is giving it
from another global country and it is written by National reviews, so it is professional,
and it gives two sides of the argument as it gives the opinion of others who
are more pro-life who disagree with the justification of the case, so the
source could be seen as reliable. However, the case and the source only show
American points, however anyone can access it.

Most countries around the world have an opinion on abortion.
Pro-choice have activists in the main nations around the world. Wikipedia4
shows that all countries have their own specific laws and rules on abortion no
matter if they believe it right or not. It also shows which countries believe
abortion is a right and is still legal. These countries are shown to be in
Africa and in China as because of the culture and the differences in beliefs
around these areas abortion may be seen as a norm not just a right. It may have
become less of a necessity in China since the decline of the one child policy, however
it is still seen as acceptable in comparison to European countries and America
where the reasons for an abortion is less. These countries have more concern on
woman’s right and they do care about the woman’s health however abortion will
be a norm, so the right is always there for them. The Wikipedia source is a
reliable as it is widely available for anyone to read and is an international
source and it run by a large company, so the facts and figures will be up to
date. However, Wikipedia can be edited by anyone so some of the information may
not be reliable but overall, it’s a good, strong source.

 However, on the other
hand abortion could be seen as not a right and there are strong arguments
against the question in general. Even doctors who have performed abortions and
have support for woman see that the foetus should be considered in the decision
and no one should be pretend that it is not there in that choice. As writer and
ex abortion doctor Judith Arcana states