Abortion: Good or Bad? Essay

Abortion is a social problem that affects women, bears the physical and mental problems, in the world there are many stigma on the subject. As we know abortion is the termination of pregnancy, as a result the fetus can’t develop an independent life; therefore the baby won’t be able to live for provoked causes. It is said that abortion up to three months, it may be spontaneously, but if you exceed this period of time, there is more probabilities that the reason of the abortion was incited. Every year just about 42 million women around the world abort.

That should be done to reduce abortion, is a good sexual education to children at a pre-puberty stage, we must be aware that there are condoms or birth control, perhaps for many is a way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, it is also a way of avoiding pregnancy and for this reason there won’t be an abortion at all. In the nineteenth century where it was banned to protect women from surgical interventions, in those days they were not exempt from risk, in the only situation in which this practice was allowed; was when the mother’s life was in danger or when there were risks of maternal health.The law that the abortions could be made by will; it was legalized first in post-revolutionary Russia in 1920, and subsequently allowed in Japan and some countries of Eastern Europe after World War II. At the end of the 1960 impunity of abortion spread too many countries.

Changes infanticide and maternal mortality associated with illegal abortions, global overpopulation, and the rise of the feminist movement where the reasons for legal changes.In all this controversy, it is strongly influenced by the Church, that for believers, abortion has been handled much as a sin, the act of “killing an innocent life. ” For many people killing someone means to take his life away, and this starts at birth; what this means is that since the baby wasn’t born yet, you haven’t killed anyone, but there is no doubt In the united states abortion was illegal in some states and not others, after the independence of United States two feminists like Susan B.Anthony and Elizabeth Cady positioned against abortion and that made the dispute begin, because they believed that abortion helped abuse against women and not their independence, a time after abortion was legislated and criminalized, only in extreme cases such as rape or incest was legal.

On the other hand the Catholic Church condemns abortion, as they say: “Human life is sacred because form its beginning it involves the creative action of God and it remains forever in a special relationship with the creator, who is its sole end.God alone is the lord of life from its beginning until its end: no one can under any circumstance claim for himself the right directly to destroy an innocent human being. Human life must be respected and protected absolutely form the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having rights of a person – among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life.(Article 5, the fifth commandment) from many points of view it is really true that the right to life must be respected because it is a global law, but from another point of view, children with mental, cognitive and motor functions, or children who come from mothers raped or incest, it is very difficult for these women to give a decent life to these children, and that psychological abuse of these women could be counterproductive against them; must be considered that one’s economy and few opportunities to succeed can influence decision making of these women, on the other hand abortion is not well seen from the point of view in which the woman becomes pregnant and wants to abort because she is very young, because he has no money to support it, because she has to many children, now, in century XXI there are several types of birth control and therefore the abortion in these circumstances should not be seen as a possibility. The church also says: “The inalienable rights of the person must be recognized and respected by civil society and the political authority.

These human rights depend neither on single individuals nor on parents; nor do they represent a concession made by society and the state; they belong to human nature and are inherent in the person by virtue of the creative act from which the person took his origin. Among such fundamental rights one should mention in this regard every human being’s right to life and physical integrity from the moment of conception until death. “(Article 5, the fifth commandment), the law protects human beings and their integrity, but how can you explain to a rape victim that they can’t take away the life of their children who is from a criminal, because it goes against the integrity of the fetus when she was raped and abused, they would mind force the mother to assume a responsibility that she does not want and that is probably associated with an event that will ffected their physical and psychological integrity.On a scientific level there have been several discussions on the fetus when it stops being a cell to become a human being, for many doctors and scientists abortion should be allowed in the first weeks of life because the fetus is a cell that has no life itself.

An embryo of 12 weeks is not a biological individual, a biological individual is an individual finished, complete, not dependent on the biological existence of another to survive, for scientific and doctors, abortion should be an option. They say: An embryo or a fetus is not human: to be human is a legal category. It is person when you purchase rights from a civil society.That stage is reached with the birth, either normal or cesarean.

From a scientific perspective the fetus is a human and has the right to life at birth, so abortion in this regard would be legal. In all this controversy, it is strongly influenced by the Church, that for believers, abortion has been handled much as a sin, the act of “killing an innocent life. ” For many people killing someone means to take his life away, and this starts at birth; what this means is that since the baby wasn’t born yet, you haven’t killed anyone, but there is no doubt that this prevents the development of life, talking about an abortion with induced causes. Priscilla K.Coleman exhibited a dissimilar deduction by the one studied by the AMRC, the results revealed a moderate to highly increased risk of mental health problems after abortion (Coleman, 2011).

The mental health side effects following aborting vary depending upon the person; regret, anger, guilty feelings, shame, sense of loneliness of isolation, loss of self-confidence, insomnia or nightmares, relationships issues, suicidal thoughts and feelings, eating disorders, depression and anxiety are the most common side effects according to the American Pregnancy Association (APA). However, the most controversial debate on abortion nearby the emotional effects of induced abortion, whether the abortion does or does not cause mental health problems.According to a study over 30 years of the Academy of Medical Royal colleges (AMRC) show that legally induced abortion does not posture mental health problems, the study shows that; Unwanted pregnancy increases a woman’s risk of problems with her mental health, a woman with an unwanted pregnancy is as likely to have mental health problems form abortion as she is from giving birth, a woman with a history of mental health problems before abortion is more likely to have mental health problems after abortion, and on circumstances, conditions, behaviors, and other factors associated with mental health problems are similar for women following aborting and women following childbirth. Abortion has many advantages and disadvantages, through the world it has a big controversy and many points of view, but disagrees with many of these.Sometimes pregnancies are caused by rape and this pregnancy would not be provoked with the desire to have a child, they should not be forced to bring out a pregnancy and so the best solution would be the option to abort, the woman could feel powerless to see her son, and for this reason the child would not be having a good life. Also there are women that would like to give their child for adoption and they don’t want to raise them either, they might not be ready financially or have the proper matureness to raise a child.

It should be legal, laws in contradiction of abortion do not stop it, reproductive restrictions do not end it, these restrictions will make abortion be done under unsafe conditions and many women will die.