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Hi! I am Chelikani Mani Shankar. I am from India; I live in London, Ontario. I am an explorer who loves to interact with technologies in all aspect. A human first then an engineering student so, always curious and focused on knowing how technologies impact the common man’s life. To optimize way of using them to make them more productive is always my end goals!

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I grew up seeing the boom of digital trends across all facets surrounding me. That made me more curious about knowing “How fascinating this automation is!” and it’s broad view. That is what made me.



In India, Yamaha’s FZ series is the highest selling motorcycles. In spite of high price and delivering poor mileage, the FZ remains among well-liked motorcycles on sale, till now in India 153cc premium bikes are the unbeatable selling bikes in the market-place.

Name                          –           Yamaha FZ (mid-ship)

Engine                         –          153 cc

Engine Type                –           Air cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-Valve

Fuel Capacity             –           12 Ltrs

Fuel Type                     –           Petrol

Mileage                       –           50 Kmpl

Max speed                  –           112 kmph

Price                            –           Rs.90, 000/- In Indian currency (around $1756)

Mechanism                 –           self-start and kick







This is my bike FZ. He is 4 years old. Once in a week I do a water service by myself and I clean the chain with help of cloth and brush to remove sludge particles from the rings and roller bearings, and moreover, I wash the chain with water, later I apply the grease or chain spray on it. With help of Allen wrench/key. I replaced the front fender or mudguard when it is pooped out of place. I would like to share my experience of changing the Engine oil for my vehicle.



In motorcycle, removal the lubricant oil is the one of the most labor-saving and effortless ways to strengthen the overall operation for our vehicle. Basically, for a new bike, when odometer strikes the 5000km line, it’s preferable to fill the new engine oil.


·         Spanner

·         Oil Funnel

·         Drain Pan

·         Dry Cloth Pieces

·         New Engine Oil

·         New Oil Filter


I get the oil from my local automotive store.

Oil Filter                                  –           Rs.80/- in Indian currency (around $1.55)

“YAMALUBE” Engine oil         –           Rs. 300/- in Indian currency (around $6.00)


                                                Picture-2: Engine Oil and Oil Filter.


Step-1:  Before draining out the oil, place an oil drain pan under the oil drain cap to avoid oil spillage.

Step-2: open the engine oil drain cap by using the spanner. Once you removed the bolt, allow the engine oil to flows out freely.

Step-3: Next Release the engine oil filter cap with help of wrench, remove the filter.

Step-4: Clear the bore with dry cloth piece, insert a new oil filter and close the oil filter cap.

Step-5: Before filling the new engine oil, make sure that older lubricant oil will completely be drained out. It takes some time to drain out.

Step-6: By using funnel, fill the new lubricant oil through the filler hole. Follow the owner’s manual to fill the suggested amount of oil in oil filler hole. After completion of oil filling, close the cap, start the engine and leave it in neutral position for 2-3 min.

PICTURE-3: the process of replacing the oil filter and engine oil in YAMAHA FZ motorcycle.


Overall, the above mentioned information is about my first successful attempt on my vehicle. Thank you.