Abrasive Wheel Essay

Segment Rotation Direction Matrix Laser Weld Examination of the Wheel Collaboration I. E. Maximum permissible speed, composition of wheel must be stated Icicle for signs Of contamination & damage before use L]Ensure the correct type of wheel is used, don’t use grinding for cutting or cutting for grinding C]Ensure metal discs are used for metal & stone for stone warped wheel may cause excessive vibration, side pressure, or heating and possible wheel breakage.

Risk Assessment Definition of Hazard: ‘something which has the potential to cause harm’ Let us first consider the Hazards associated with: Using a Hand held, petrol driven, cutting off machine for cutting concrete slabs ? Take a few minutes to list the hazards associated with this task? Hazards C]Contact with the wheel. Tooth sparks. Coiffing particles. Straightening wheel. Entanglement with rotating parts. Coffee. Lifer. C]Skin contact. Spillage. Ejected material.

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C]Workplace movement Basic Safety Rules CLC After mounting a wheel make sure that the guard is properly secure in position and hold the machine well away from yourself and pointing it in a safe direction away from other people when it is switched on for the first time Cincher attempt to change a wheel when the machine is connected to a power source or is running C]Ensure a Hot Works Permit has been raised and is in operation for the duration of the works C]You have the appropriate PEP available to use. C]Don’t forget consideration for potential spillage and refueling

Denture that the portable machine has a certificate to prove that it has been frequently inspected. This is essential when machines are hired. Seaways use a machine with a downward cutting action, either at ground level or, within a comfortable distance zone between waist and knee height. Use a raised platform to achieve these conditions. Never use a portable machine above shoulder height and certainly not overhead. Liaises use the cutting edge of the wheel, NEVER use the side of the wheel C]Multiple wheel mounting is strictly forbidden C]Be aware of others when using abrasive wheels. Abrasive Wheel

C]Mounted only by trained and competent person Tooth works permit in place before work starts Guards must be: C] Correctly attached L] Adequately maintained C] In place at all times. Personal protection Suitable clothing/overalls should be worn with no loose cuffs, fastenings, etc which may cause a hazard Suitable goggles conforming to BOSSES Class 1 (D) should be worn at all times, irrespective of whether masonry or steel is being cut Clearing protection of a suitable standard must be worn Suitable gloves must be worn. If In Doubt Seek advice Any Questions Thank you for your time.