Abroad Monthly Student Status Updates Malaysia DEC Essay

Academic Life Update Note things such as: student success or struggles in courses, second language issues, attendance, integration, satisfaction with school, recent meetings with school administrators ‘instructors, etc. Community Service Provide a description of the activity and note the name ofthe organization/ institution where activity takes place, frequency, number of people involved nd who they are as well as the impact of activity on the community.

Miscellaneous Note things such as: upcoming travel plans, academic breaks, general observations, visa/residency issues, etc. Connar Foote school administrators /instructors, etc. Elizabeth Taormina Note things such as: student SUCCeSS or struggles in courses, second language Sabrina Barton Sabrina had a problem with her host family. Problem was solved and Sabrina was taken out of the host family. AFS NS has found a new host family for Sabrina.

Besides the problem, she is doing well adapting the Malaysian culture so far. Problem with her host family. The family was not able to host for another semester. Problem solved. She is doing great at school, she has a good attendance record for now. She will be moving to a new school in January 2015. Sabrina was involve in a community service which was volunteering to help the east cost flood victims in TIJDM,Subang. She just got back from Singapore. No travel plans in the future.