Abstract: a relatively strong positive relationship with green


Purpose-In current market scenario, researches proved that consumers are now more health and environment conscious than past. Moreover this is the reason why the introduction of green product development and green marketing are taking place slowly and steadily all across the world. The aims of this study are to determine the impact of sustainability on green purchase intention and to examine the moderating effect of demographic factors (education & income) on the relationship between the determinants of sustainability and green purchase intention.

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Methods- In the primary research, a total number of 150 self-administered close ended questionnaires using seven point Likert scale were distributed to the respondents in Kolkata, India. Non-probability Judgmental sampling was adopted to collect data. The collected data were analysed using SPSS 18. Statistical tools used for analysis are Descriptive Statistics, Multiple Regression Analysis and Hierarchical regression Analysis.


Findings- Based on the literature study the three determinants of sustainability are selected and defined i.e. sustainable product, green manufacturing process and sustainable packaging and green purchasing intention. The Multiple Regression Analysis shows that green purchasing intention depends on three determinants of sustainability. The standardized slope coefficient beta for three determinants indicates a relatively strong positive relationship with green purchasing intention. The results of hierarchical regression analysis of the education & income as moderator on the relationship between the independent variables.



Theoretical- Problems caused by ecological pollution adversely affect individual health and hygiene so consumers are increasingly concerned with the regular consumption. This study focuses on a new perspective of green consumption considering the key determinants so that the neglect of essential elements and primary principles of sustainability can be avoided.


Managerial- Due to unsustainable production systems and consumption Environmental problems emerge. So the concept of sustainable development wide across the world is an important strategic goal both for the governments and large companies. It is high time to improve green marketing strategies because it is very crucial for the greater consumption of green products. Sustainable product development can enhance competitive advantage as well as persist green supply and consumption.




Key Words- Sustainability, Sustainable Product, Green Manufacturing Process, Sustainable Packaging, Green Purchasing Intention.