ABSTRACT: less patient body. We know that

ABSTRACT: Automated Blood Bank is an associate workthat brings  all blood bank under oneroof and those in need of blood onto a common platform.  To fulfill every blood request in the countrywith a smart way. The proposed work aim to find matched blood group with itsblood component(RBC, Platelet ,Plasma) and provide it to the patient/user  in required time frame.

It also providetransparency between users and blood bank administration. The system consist ofandroid application for users/patient and Raspberry pi B+  as a computer for blood bankadministrator .the cloud server is used for communication link between usersand blood bank administration. Both are to be connected through internetconnectivity  also SMS facility isprovided for user to know status of their requested blood group. The vision isto be “The hope of every Indian in search of a voluntary blooddonor”. KEYWORDS: Raspberry Pi, AndroidApplication, blood components, HTML, PHP.I.      IntroductionBlood is a body fluid in humans  thatdelivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away from those same cells.

There are threecomponent of blood such as plasma platelet and RBC/WBC this component perform different activity in humanbody1. In many cases such as accident , serious surgery,  mosquito-borne infectiousdisease like dengue, malaria patient need blood with specific component whichis less patient body. We know that blood cannot be manufacturer it onlypasses from one human to another by donating blood. According to survey everyyear the nation requires about 4 Crore units of blood, out of which only ameagre 40 Lakh  units of blood areavailable. So effective management of available blood stock  fulfil required need.the proposed systemconnect all blood bank together and provide common platform for user/patientwho want blood.

There are eight blood group as A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O+,O-. The man with o group is called the universal donor as the people havingaccept it. The man with AB group called the universal acceptor.

  TYPE GIVE BLOOD TO RECEIVE BLOOD FORM  A+ A+  AB+ A+ A- O+ O- O+ A+  AB+ B+ O+ O+ O- B+ AB+ B+ O+ O- B+ B- AB+ AB+ EVERYONE A- A+ A- AB+ AB- A-      O- O- EVERYONE O- B- B+ B- AB+ AB- B-      O- AB- AB+   AB- AB- O- A- B-                Table1:Donor and Acceptor Blood Group II.  objective of systemThe main objective of this system is to provideflexible solution for acceptor (who want blood) with the help of androidapplication which is more popular now a days. This system provide  blood group information with their component. it also bring transparency between user and blood bank administration.

Hospital delivery of bloodbag is also included in this system. III.literature surveyDesign and Implementation of Automated BloodBank using Embedded Systems  publish inIEEE Sponsored 2nd International Conference on Innovations in Information,Embedded and Communication systems. Author by BalaSenthil Murugan L and AnithaJulian In this, author  used sms basedcommunication for acceptor and blood banks to receive or update data. forsending and receiving SMS author develop android application which is reliablefor both users and blood banks.

remaining system is developed with the help ofraspberry pi board and GSM module.but the system is SMS based therefore  system is to complex and takes  more time of receiving or sending SMS. It  also depend upon network availability2.

 Smart Phones to the Rescue:The Virtual Blood Bank Project publish in the IEEE CS and IEEEComSoc Author by Ramesh Singh, Preeti Bhargava, and Samta Kain. In this paperauthor developed  a cloud based bloodbank all user are connected to this cloud system and  all blood bank are connected to sever. Itprovide common platform for both the donor and acceptor. Both are connected tocommon android application they are talk with each other to match theirrequirement with this system. But  thissystem is not centralized and create many disturbed problemfor donors and blood bank administrator3. Blood Bank Management Systemusing Cloud Computing for Rural Area author by Javed Akhtar Khan and M.R. Alony .

Author develop this system with thehelp of mobile cloud computing and unique SMS numer. In this author record allthe blood bank detail such as address ,phone numbers and customer  representative number . The acceptor send his/herpincode to the system and it replies with nearest blood bank detail4.In this system mobile cloud computing concept is very useful to develop such asystem but SMS is not rellable for such system and data is not updated time totime. IV.proposed systemThe  automatedblood bank using embedded system.  consist of three parts .

The  raspberry pi board  connected to wifi connectivity whichconnected to server system with the help of raspberry the  blood bank administrator  update blood bag data in real time. The useror  acceptor is connect through androidapplication which also communicate through internet connectivity .using thisapplication user get information related to blood group and its component. Thissystem is centrally connected through server therefore many blood bank can beconnected. The communication is based on internet and also user get SMS atevery stage of blood request processing.    The small size laptop is capable of performthe many of thing the  that consumerdesktop  will perform, like spreadsheets,word-processing and browsing. It additionally plays high-definition video.

Itwill run many flavors of UNIX operating system and is getting used to showchildren everywhere the plant the way to program. The secret sauce that makesthis computer so tiny and powerful is that the Broadcom BCM2835, aSystem-on-Chip that contains associate degree ARMl176JZFS with floatingpurpose, running at 700MHz, and a Video core four GPU. It means that if theuser plug the Raspberry Pi into HDTV, people could watch Blue Ray qualityvideo, using H.264 at 40MBits/s. The new Model B+ also has a 10/100 Ethernetport so the user can surf the web (or serve web pages) from wherever they areusing the Pi. The system volume no longer lives on an SD card but instead amicro SD card, so it is even easier to organize, run and rectify many totallydifferent operating systems on an equivalent hardware.

This means no more largeSD cards and no moredeceptively difficult to handle adapters Most Linuxdistributions for the Pi will happily live on a 8 GB micro SD card but largercards are supported.   User / Patient Android Application   Cloud Server   Raspberry pi Blood Bank   Administrator                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Fig1. Block Diagram Of Blood Bank System                           Fig2. Pictorialrepresentation of system process The android application and embedded systemare connected through internet or wi-fi .the user can access this system withthe help of their mobile phones. this application communicate with server andserver communicate with blood bank .The android application provide reliableaccess for users.

There are serval advantages of android application such areit require only building software therefore cost is low . it is an opensource  and easy to build with the helpof java programming  The cloud server is a webpage as  www.bloodbank.

abhimoharkar.com this web page is created by differentprogramming languages such as HTML(hyper text transfer protocol), PHP(hypertextpreprocessor), CSS(cascaded style sheet), javascript. PHP code is integrated bya web server with a PHP processor module which generates the resulting webpage. PHP is largely used for developing net primarily based code applicationsand conjointly to manage database, dynamic content, session chase, even buildentire e-commerce sites. PHP5 version was utilized in this project. It supportstandard SQL and compiles on variety of platform.

MySQL is open source, free todownload and use. SMS is send by using SMS application gateway.        V.

        conclusion The automated blood bank using embeddedsystem provide pure solution for patient to match their need through mostpopular android system with the help of internet connectivity. This systemprovide common platform for blood donor and acceptor also very useful for bloodbank to manage their blood requirement in day to day life.