Abstract Experience can gives self-confidence to project manager


management is a systematic approach in helping a team to making plans and
organizing a project in order to make sure the projects completed on time and
meet the project requirement. There are a variety of difficult tasks for
project management to achieve the goals. The primary constraint for advanced a
successful project is complete the project within budget and on time. Meet the
pre-defined targets of project is another challenges for project management. A
project cannot be finished by individual, it requires a team to fulfilled it.
However, communication problem always occur when they are doing the project.
Hence, project manager is act an important role in assisting to manage the team
and ensure that the progress of the task is properly. Team building is a
technique in helping to increase the relationship among team members. In order
to gain the knowledge of method to manage a project, an interview was performed
to PanoRazzi SDN BHD. This paper is discussed in details about the project
management in this company.

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Literature Review

can gives self-confidence to project manager when they are facing some problems
and issues that relate to project management. According to the journal done by
Chantal M.J.H. Savelsbergh 1, experience is classified into two types which
is formal and informal learning experience. Formal experience can gained from
officially organized learning program such as undergraduate education with a
particular project management component. While informal experience may involve
learn from individual experiences such as study on how to solve the complex
problem during the internship. In this research paper, interviews and questionnaires
were conducted among 31 project managers. Informal on-the-job learning is the
most efficient study for project managers to gain the knowledge and
experience.  Another important knowledge
for project managers to study from experience is hard and soft skills. Both abilities
are essential for them in handling the team members.

achieve the target of the project, project manager acts an important role to
identify the weakness of the projects such as time, budget and resources and they
are required to predict the situations that may occur. According to the
conference that done by Kirsi Liikamaa 2, competency is means that a
capability or potential which including a set of trade behaviours prepared
around an underlying assemble. Competency modelling is used to look for
job-related information and employee capabilities in the control of employees. Competencies
are categorized into two main groups which are personal and social
competencies. Self-awareness, self-regulation, cognitive skills and motivation
are consists by personal competencies. While for social competencies are
included empathy and social skills. In this research, there are 750 people
included in this survey. Some of them are project managers that come from
multiple organization and some of them are university students whose studied
completely in their project. Leadership competency was evaluated as the highest
because it is an important capability for project manager to lead the group
members as well as to motivate and act fair toward them. The lowest competency
was evaluated as production efficiency. Analytical thinking was chosen by
respondents as the willingness to improve the most. By having the analytical
thinking, respondents can carry out a lot of solutions to solve the problematic
situations. Besides that, achievement drive is evaluated as the most important
desirable competencies for a project manager.