Abstract of tools for 3D modeling, animation and

Abstract In this paper generated 3D head modeling with the mapping between mesh and texture from a single image. Each 3D object is supposed to form its surface by a collection of the polygon facets & spline patches. So we ?rst chose a template/standard mesh, and texture mapping provided by the method of uv mapping. Finally, the resulting texture is mapped onto a 3D head mesh model which has been adapted to the particular individual based on the same pictures.Keywords – 3D head modeling, face mesh, texture, uv mapping.Introduct?on  The human face has fascinated people since time immemorial and face image processing has been an important and interesting topic for researchers in computer vision, computer graphics, and multimedia.In the early 1990s, many researchers started to become interested in 3D face reconstruction from images. In 1991, Leclere and Bobick developed a shape-from-shading technique to reconstruct the 3D face geometry from images where they used stereo processing to initialize the shape-from-shading solver 1. Texture mapping in virtual world need to major effort for more than a tenner.For example, in 1999, V Blanz, et al. 2 reports a new technique that modifies shape and texture of a 3D face model in a natural way. Many kinds of research have been done on image processing and different methods have been used up to nowadays.Triangle meshes are central to 3D modeling, graphics, and animation. A triangle mesh that exactly approximates the surface of a complex 3D shape include million of triangles 3. Polygonal mesh can be dense representation in most applications all real-time displays so generating polygonal mesh need many operating and the 3D polygonal mesh is available our project.It consists of three main components: a face mesh template, facial texture, and 3D face construction in Figure 1.Figure 1: The schematic view of our system.Computer Graphics SurfacesOur project has 3D polgonal mesh has object file so  and object files define the geometry and other properties for objects in Wavefront’s Advanced Visualizer and it provides a integration environment a universal set of tools for 3D modeling, animation and rendering. ASCII format of objects files has geometric data and  “.obj” and binary format “.mod”. So provided to descript at ASCII. The extension can be “.obj” and obj files corresponds to polgonal or free-form objects. Polygonal geometry consist of point, liens, and faces to define objects, on the other hand free-form uses curves and s?rface 4.The generic head model is a mesh with 7834 vertices and triangular faces which has been studied by H. Hoppe in 5. Texture: A geometric 3D head model by itself is not very realistic.So  create the realistic model need to appearance of surface details which are characteristic of the human skin and required the texture mapping manipulation. The manipulation can seperate the two main category, firstone shading and secod texturing . Shading color value need to computed from the surface properties and a lighting model for each pixel 6.Due to the complexity of the surface details and colors of the human skin, this approach does not generally produce appropriate realism. On the other side, texturing allows complex variations of the surface properties at each pixel, achieving a higher facial image realism. For this reason, this is the preferred method for texture manipulation 7.The material library files  comprise color,reflection and texure with contain one or more material definitions in Matlab and these are used to the surfaces and vertices of objects. It’s stored .mtl extension and ASCII format also .mtl file different from other wavefront files because it can include more than one material definition (other files contain the definition of only one item) 8.Texture Mapping: UV Mapping is a process of implement 2D texture on 3D Object, so “X”, “Y” and “Z” are used for 3D Model Objects and  “U” and “V” are the axes names of 2D Texture .It will envelop 2D image around 3D Object and UV Mapping spread polygons of 3D model on to a 2D surface in order to Map texture on it.