Abstract: Psychology and Divine Light Academy Essay

Abstract The researchers’ study is about the behavioral effects of anime on children at an intermediate level or age. Several literatures show that watching anime has its effects may it be negative or positive. These effects can be determined when there is a change in a child’s mental and social health. The researchers’ findings show that there is a big possibility that a student can change his or her behavior through watching anime in a specific time and frequency.The positive effect of watching anime is that it can somehow help others enhance their way of communication and their minds to be more imaginative and creative but on the other hand it can still influence an individual resulting to bad attitudes or behaviors and that’s its negative effect.

There are sorts of anime which depict violence and brutality that students might imitate and apply to others. But there are also some anime that can implement values, help someone gain self-confidence and provide knowledge to its viewers.Based on the findings of this study, the researchers arrived at the following conclusions: the more time the students watch anime, the more impact it can give to the viewers. Gender of a student has nothing to do with how anime affects his or her behavior. There are some benefits from watching anime; such positive effects are improvement in way of communication, progress in creativity and imagination, manifestation of values, and gain of self-confidence.The intermediate students prefer watching anime more than educational shows for anime promotes moral lessons and at the same time, recreation. The researchers would like to recommend this study to the parents, teachers and especially to the intermediate students of Divine Light Academy who are in need of supervision regarding the effects of anime to its viewers.Also, the researchers would like to recommend that students should keep in mind that watching anime can let them relax and be entertained but they too should not forget that watching it is only a form of recreation and not something that should take much of their time; students should not take into action any verbal or physical abuse that they have seen in watching anime; students should be mature enough towards this kind of shows.