ABSTRACT/SUMMARY:-This tools for transformer and the more

ABSTRACT/SUMMARY:-This paper presents the simplest inverter topology for driving a three phase load with a 220V ac supply. It uses six active switch IGBT’s by gate driving arduino pulses. This configuration gives stable output voltages at the rated frequency, this method explains improvements on the faults and control approaches are supported by test results. This single phase 220V AC supply is rectified it into DC 300V and then converts it into three phase AC supply by means of IGBT’s. From the experimental results three phase sinusoidal waveform produced are approximately constant with increase in the motor load and the hardware gives satisfactory results converts the single phase power to three phase power supply. It also includes a igbt driver circuit by own understanding which is in good working condition. KEYWORDS:-Single phase AC to DC to three phase AC Converter , IGBT’s , Arduino uno, inverter, IGBT’s  Drive system  INTRODUCTION:-Phase inverter is an electrical device that converts single phase electric 220V AC power source to three phase. The phase inverter produce three phase electrical power from a single phase , for obtaining of three phase  supply at  single phase  electrical power side only. Phase converters are required when three phase power source is not available from the line, or it is so expensive to install because of a rural area. This line utility of any dam will always apply higher bills for a three phase source due to metering and extra tools for transformer and the more transmissions lines.The single 220V AC to three 400/220V AC phase inversion systems were made by the connection of the passive circuit elements capacitors and inductors with the autotransformer converters. These  systems gives extra disadvantages and limitations, so to overcome these disadvantages the adopted thyristors family and power electronics devices were used  thyristors like SCRs, MOSFETs, GTOs etc. The project is about ‘single  to three phase inversion system by using IGBTs transistors.The semiconductors are the major tools used to run the power processor circuits. Looking semiconductors devices used for the formal controlled rectifiers and then comparing them with the new topologies it will be possible to tell the development. As for as improvement  is related to the power switches, it was therefore  identified a big activity in the terms of the circuit topologies innovate in the field single to single phase or  three to single phase inversion systems. The single-phase motor drives using the three-phase induction motor drives by low-power industrial purposes and applications. Therefore, in some rural areas where only a single-phase utility is available, we must invert a single to three-phase supply. This paper proposed an alternative solution for phase inversion with very low cost, a moderate motor efficiency during start and highest steady-state (SS) performance at 50Hz frequency. These proposed designs satisfy our requirement in the rural areas where a single-phase power supply is only available. Electronic or electrical components must have some source like single phase. Running three phase is only possible with single to three phase inverted supply. To drive three phase induction motor we use three phase supplies 2. Block diagram (Figure 1.1) of single to three phase supply consists of an input, rectifier circuit, filters , inverter circuit, load  motor, driving methodologies, arduino and output power supply7. From the above block diagram 1.1the one input is given to rectifier and converter and the other is given to drive driver of IGBT’s. Firstly the input rectified from ac to pulsating dc. Therefore to remove that filters are used consists of resistors and capacitors which helps to terminate the ac and gives pure dc. Further supply is given to the inverter circuits , IGBT’s are connected there. Now with ac power supply then energized block which is used for energizing IGBT’s i.e DRIVING Block of arduino where programs is run accordingly. Then converted dc is given to inverter circuit to convert it into three phase 3. Then converted three phase supply is given to the load which is induction motor of this project proved to convert a phase supply into three phase power supply 10 . As load may be induction motor or any other three phase load but in the project we use three phase lamps (two 100W lamps in each phase) working in a good condition.The Single to Three phase converter using IGBT’s for running  three phase induction motor at 8 KHz switching frequency. By changing the frequencies the result was smooth like in increase and decrease of three phase induction motor 9. The 220V AC supply is rectified using the bridge diodes and then it is converted to 3 phase supply 6. The gate signal circuit is interface between the switching pulses of arduino as wave generator and the IGBT’s in this circuit. The arduino gives a 5Vsignals, while the wave generated allow for a given voltage level. Further the IGBT’s here is not connected to ground, then actual voltages have to drive IGBT’s gate depends on the voltage variation at emitter terminal 1. Switching Signals currently have small drive systems a costly and gives control at high switching frequencies 8. WORKING:-By above figure 1.1; the single phase 220V AC supply at the input and then rectifier circuit is connected that converts single phase AC to DC. The filter capacitors are used to reduce the harmonics of the ac and gives the pulsating DC, the fuse is connected for protection of circuits and resistors are used to limit current and then the converter circuit is  which the six IGBT switching device is to convert DC to three phase AC. Each IGBT gate is connected to every terminal of arduino pin. In arduino the avr microcontroller c  program is installed and which drives the IGBT.We are giving 220v supply to rectifier, for positive pulse three diodes are conducting and for negative two diodes are triggered and AC supply is converted into DC. In inverting block we used six IGBT as inverter. Upper side three IGBT are called as positive group IGBT and lower side three IGBT are called as negative group IGBT 4. IGBT work in 180 degree mode of working operation in which one IGBT from upper group and another two from lower group and after that one from lower group another from upper group 3. Same procedure is followed by complete inverter circuit, diode are connect across the each IGBT to limiting the reverse currents flowing through the inverters. At last three phase  output is taken from middle of the two IGBT’s 8.Without any traditional market available drivers we used the own logic and strategy to do this. Firstly 12 by 12 transformer is used to covert 220v to 12v then we convert it in dc by means of full wave rectifier circuit. Further we adjust voltage by LM317 by adjusting the value of R1 and R2 which gives 20v output. Moreover two cascade bi-junction polar transistors strategy is used to take output as a gate signal of igbt’s as shown in the figure below.Conclusion:We presented in this paper that we can use arduino or Avr microcontroller with a simple driver circuit to turn on the IGBT’s by giving gate signal. And single to three phase converter with the help of six IGBT’s is an excellent topology for inverter to be in good working conditions. Therefore the proposed results give satisfactory result. If we use other thyristor topologies like SCR’s then we may not get the as best results at high gate signal of 8kHz.