Abstract: as to help decision-makers to model


are frequent fire accidents in the city building, how to allocate fire
resources reasonably and minimize the loss of accident need to be solved
urgently. In order to solve these problems, this paper studies the intelligent
decision making system about emergency rescue, and put forward a kind of
decision scheme based on case based reasoning technique.

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 Key Words:

 Building fire, Emergency rescue, intelligent
decision, Case based reasoning.


the continuous expansion of city size, the fire accidents on urban buildings
often happen and this bring up a great harm to people’s life and property. Such
as the August 12, 2015 Tianjin port chemical explosion, a total of 165 people
were killed and another 8 people lost contact and Fuxin City, Liaoning province
“11 • 27” fire accident, etc. These fire accidents have brought great
loss of life and property to people. So how to make right decision to city
building fire accident in the short time, to minimize the loss of personnel and
property, has become a very important issue to be solved. Intelligent decision
making system is a kind of technology which can be used for modeling, reasoning
and solving complex problems, uncertainty and unstructured




by artificial intelligence (AI). Therefore, it is of great significance to
study the intelligent decision making technology for emergency rescue.
Intelligent Decision Support System (IDSS) is a kind of artificial intelligence
behavior information system which is formed by introducing artificial
intelligence into decision support system. The basic concept is to use the
knowledge base to store the experience of the relevant decision-making problems
in the computer, so as to help decision-makers to model selection and analysis1.
Decision-makers can be based on the data provided by the system, information
and background to assist decision-makers to target decision making and
evaluation, and various schemes for evaluation and modification. Case-based
reasoning technology is a kind of reasoning model based on decision-making
experience of typical cases in the field of artificial intelligence.
Belongs to a kind of imitation of human empirical thinking2. CBR reasoning is
particularly applicable and reasoning object is difficult to express in the
form of rules, easy to express as a case form and has accumulated a wealth of
cases in the field, suitable for solving the problem of incomplete
formalization(Weak theoretical field) , incomplete information field, empirical
knowledge dominates the field and other aspects of the problem3. Nowadays,
CBR technology has been widely used in medical treatment, pathological
diagnosis, legal proceedings, circuit design, mechanical design, fault
diagnosis, intelligent decision-making and other aspects4.   Therefore, in the field of emergency rescue,
CBR technology is one of the most important methods.


2.1 Case Based Reasoning (CBR)

basic principle is to store a large number of classic cases in the case base,
search for similarity cases from the case base when there is a decision task,
and make the related modification and processing, and finally form a
decision-making solution.

2.2 Structure design of
intelligent decision support system for fire emergency rescue based on CBR

system structure is consist four following parts:

2.2.1:Human computer interaction system
provides a friendly and flexible interface, realizing the communication
connection between the user and the computer, complete the cooperation between
the user and the computer. The main way of human-computer
interaction with menus, guidance, command language, screen display, window and
report output5.

2.2.2:Case base system is the core part
of CBR method, case library stores a variety of classic cases of fire, and each
case contains an overview of the accident, a complete description of the
accident, emergency disposal program, disposal measures and results. These
cases enable decision-makers to learn from successful experiences in dealing
with new situations, make reasonable decisions

2.2.3:The database system is composed
of database management system and database. The database stores the detailed
characteristics of the fire accident and the auxiliary information related to
the accident emergency response, It can provide the data needed by the system,
is the basis for the system to operate correctly and achieve the desired

2.2.4:The knowledge base system is
responsible for obtaining, explain, understand, manage and maintain the
knowledge of emergency response, provide professional and common knowledge
support for decision making.


view of the characteristics of the fire emergency response decision makes
scheme evaluation system, such as the level of the system and the multi expert
decision making. This paper puts forward the application of the analytic
hierarchy process (GAHP) to the evaluation of decision making.

3.1 Research on group level
analysis (GAHP) algorithm

steps of group level are as follow8:

3.1.1:Define the goals we need to
evaluate, establishing criteria layer and scheme layer, hierarchical structure

3.1.2: Structure judgment matrix,
according to the relative importance coefficient between the characteristic
factors to determine the judgment matrix A, the form of judgment matrix is as











Where ij a represents the
relative importance of the two factors, the value is      determined according to the scale. The
scale of importance is shown in table 3-1.

           Important Scale Chart


Indicates the
same importance as the two elements.
 An element is slightly more important than
the other element when compared to the two element


An element is
significantly more important than another element when compared to the two


An element is
more important than another element in comparison to the two elements .
 An element is more extremely important than
the other element when compared to the two element


2, 4, 6, 8 for the final judgment of the adjacent.