Accomplishments:Established areEconomyDid not do anything extraordinary with economy,

Accomplishments:Established the Act of Supremacy Declared the king the supreme head of the church in England, leading to a series of social reforms that ended with England becoming officially protestantLead to the Establishment of the Church of England, causing Rome to lose its spiritual authority over England and redirected the Roman Catholic Churches funds and property to the crownClosed off Monasteries. Something that resulted in the loss of many works of literature and caused many Monks and Nuns to renounce their religious vows.Welcomed the Italian RenaissanceTook in Renaissance Ideas and spread them, showing them off through himself as he studied latin, theology, and spent money pursuing the artsSupported German artist Hans Holbein who drew paintings of the members of the English court. Today he is acknowledged as one of the best-known portraitists of the Northern Renaissance.Sponsored John Colet who founded Saint Paul’s School, the first grammar school to teach about the classical languages.SignificanceFounded the Church of England that still exists today as the mother church of the Anglican CommunionPushed for and supported the Renaissance by hiring artesians and scholars from all around Europe Supported Protestantism and nurtured it by appointing protestants to key clerical positions and issuing the first fully sanctioned english bible, something that resulted in England later becoming a mainly Protestant stateBeliefsGovernment1, Allowed others to do the work for him2. Participated in Government when required, but did not do so often3. Would brief others on what he wanted done, then left it in their handsReligionGod created society to be as it is now, so we should not change itFormed a new version of Christianity where he was in charge as the popeSimplified Christianity by cutting the seven sacraments to three and began moving in an evangelical directionSocial IssuesWomen should honor and obey their husbandsSponsored people who created schools that allowed more people to become educatedSocial order should be maintained at all times at any costHuman NaturePeople are born into the social structures and should stay where they areAll humans are born the way God wanted them to beHumans should not want change because God put them where they areEconomyDid not do anything extraordinary with economy, but gained a lot of money for the crown due to creating his own churchParticipated in Renaissance, hiring many painters and artistsFought against Scotland and ultimately lost a lot of money