According sections which included wide range of

According to (Peter, 2015) technology like two sides of a coin, bring with it both negative and
positive sides. The research done by Peter (2015) showed that social
media will distract student from their academic work and taking most of their
productive time, but social media also have benefits and can be used
appropriately. Based on the research, the benefits that can be gained are
students can form online community to have group discussion about class
material, plan for assignments or even use it to share notes to their
classmates who absent for class.

This research uses survey method to obtain results and
analyses the results obtained by using table and chi square analysis. This
research uses larger sample size which included a total sample size of 378
students and participants were randomly selected by using confidence interval
of 5 and confidence level of 95% (0.05). Moreover, the questionnaires that has
been used to conduct this survey contained 7 sections which included wide range
of questions. Thus, the data collected might be more accurate and specific.
Furthermore, this research analyses their data neatly by using tables. This
benefits other researcher because the data can be easily referred. Lastly, the
shortcoming of this research paper is the lack of use of layman term which
causes it to be harder to understand by readers.

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Furthermore, according to Mingle and Adams (2015) the evolution of
social media has cut across all facets of society with its positive and
negative impacts. Social media has transformed and impacted on communication,
learning, research and education in general. The research of Mingle and Adams (2015)
is done by using cross-sectional survey method. The study also employed
questionnaires as a tool for data collection. The total population of this
research was five thousand two hundred and forty-nine (5249). The data
collected were analysed by using SPSS program. SPSS was used to develop tables
and frequencies. Kendall’s coefficient is also used by the researcher as an
analytic tool.

study revealed that despite the study has revealed that despite the benefits
that come with the participation of students on social media networks, it could
impact negatively on their academic performance if not used properly (Mingle & Adams, 2015). Based on the research,
the benefits that can be gain by students through social media networks are
sharing of information and improving reading and writing skills. If the social
media is misused by students it could affect the academic life of the student
negatively and thereby their performance. The research shows that out of 526 valid
responses, majority of the respondent 370 (70.3%) agree that participation in
social media has reduced their study time. Furthermore, the research also revealed
that 62 (11.8%) respondents strongly agreed and 255 (48.5%) of respondents agreed
that participation on social media networks have caused a drop in their grades.

research includes wide range of population, which is a total of 5249
populations. This increases the accuracy and reliability of results. Moreover,
this research summarised and analyse the data properly which makes other
researcher to be able to refer their data easily. Furthermore, the discussion
of this research explained their data clearly. Over the next, this research has
clear objectives and research questions and follow it throughout the research.
Lastly, it uses layman term which let the reader to understand better about this

previous research,