According specific product or service, or emotional

According to Chatura Ranaweera, Jaideep Prabhu, (2003) customers’ satisfaction on their purchase is a
significant factor that leads business to success. In recent times, customer
satisfaction has gained new attention within the context of the paradigm shift
from transactional marketing to relationship marketing. Customers who are
satisfied with a purchased product will buy the same product again, more often
(Reichheld 1996), and will also recommend it to others (Oliver and Swan 1989).


definition of customer satisfaction can be divided into two which is driven to
outcome and driven to process (Lee, 1995). Customer satisfaction is
conceptualized as the result of consumption experience such as the recognition
felt by customer that the price paid is rewarded in proper or improper manner,
emotional reaction against the retail shop or purchasing behavior related with
purchased specific product or service, or emotional reaction against the
behavior in wider meaning such as consumer’s behavior or the market on the
whole, comprehensive mental state that occurs when the emotion due to
inconsistent expectation is combined with the emotion prior to the customer’s
experience of purchase.

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aspect driven to process is useful in that it generalizes the whole consumption
experience, and it enables to examine an important process that reaches
customer satisfaction through the measure of observing unique elements at each
stage (Oliver, 1981).


satisfaction is important in order to retain customers, and customer retention
has been shown to have a significant effect on profitability (Reichheld and
Sasser, 1990) hence, the importance of creating and retaining satisfied


are also important to study because they have been shown to be important
influencers early in the decision process (Leigh and Rethans, 1985). As
Laczniak (1979) reported, users are important in initiating the purchase. When
we consider their role in getting the purchase process started along with their
role in determining customer satisfaction, we recognize the significance of
users to marketers. The purpose of this study is to explore users’ role in
greater detail, with particular attention to how they become part of the
purchase process and how their participation (or lack of) in the buying process
may influence their perceptions of satisfaction.


satisfaction is very often a misused and abused expression. Many organizations
use it as a casual approach to state that their customers are happy and
satisfied with the levels of service rendered and the products and services
purchased (Mohamed Zairi, 2000). Other than that, customer satisfaction data is
used to design new products, as well as improving existing processes (Mohamed
Zairi, 2000).