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to an article entitled “What will America look like in 2050” states that in 2010
census workers went around American neighborhoods to complete an annual census
report and to explore how American’s work, live and how they categorize themselves.
After completion of the 2010 census report a man named “Joel Kotkin” wrote a
book called “The Next Hundred Million: America in 2050,” and in that book, he
explains that most of the United states of America will be non-white by the
year of 2050. The statements that the author how this book has created a huge controversy
regarding race relations in the United States. Joel Kotkin states that the
reason why he makes his claim in his book is because he believes that there is going
to be a diverse minority population with interracial marriages. Interracial
marriages will change majority population in the United States (Membis, 2010).

my organization diversity will be a key component in the recruiting process because
we must make sure that the workplace is keeping up the diversity that America
is creating. The next generation will be more diversity than ever. However, the
history of America sometimes hinders other workplace environments till this day
to accept other people from different backgrounds and cultures. Civil rights
leader Martin Luther King jr played an enormous role in showing all Americans
that all men are created equal and not separated but equal in all aspects.
Martin Luther King jr. speech on Washington helped promote the passing of the
1964 Civil Rights act, which prohibited discrimination in public facilities, banned
employment discrimination of race, religion, sex, and national origin (William,
2010). Furthermore, by knowing the legacy of Martin Luther King jr. and being
an African American in the United states I have great knowledge to know why it
is ethical imperative for my organization to have diversity. The policy
statement that my organization states is that all diversity of cultures,
religions, sex, and national origin are welcome to become a part of the organization
and that tomorrows future is a diverse population with a mind to grow, learn,
innovate, create, and inspire. I will explain to my employee’s that America is
becoming diverse and to assist the demand that we must make sure the workplace
in America looks like the population that is a part of this country.

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is a lot of legislation that has been passed that has helped diversity in the
workplace and have created legal arguments for diversity. The Age Discrimination
in Employment Act was created in 1969, which prohibited workplace discrimination
based on an individual’s age. The Civil Rights act of 1991 is another piece of
legislation that has caused legal arguments for diversity. This bill modified
the Civil Rights act of 1964 to help strengthen and improve the Federal civil
rights laws. The House and the Senate added on unlawful harassment and
intentional discrimination in the workplace. these pieces of legislation will
help keep diversity in the workplace legally and will make employers of the
federal laws aware of discrimination in the workplace (Clark, 2010).

to an article entitled “Top 7 Bible Verses About Cultural Diversity” states
that in the book of Galatians 3:28 states that Jesus Christ said that “There is
no Jew nor Greek, and that there is no slave nor free, and we all are one in Christ
Jesus (Galatians 3:28). The article explains that Jesus Christ died for individuals
who trust I him and that race, or national origin does not matter and according
to the bible we are all God’ s children. According to the bible God loves us
all and that we are created in his image and that we should remain equal
because we are a part of mankind (Wellman, 2016).

article entitled “What Are an Employer’s Responsibilities for Diversity in the
Workplace?” states that employers have a commitment to keep diversity in their
workplace and that they have an obligation to create a diversity campaign to
express their equal employment opportunities since it required by for a workplace
free of discrimination. This article also explains the benefits for an organization
to embrace diversity, and that embracing diversity creates inclusiveness.
Having this inclusiveness in the workplace will give the organization new
talents from different people of different backgrounds, and having diversity in
the workplace will improve the organizations appeal to a larger market by
utilizing the diverse talents of the members of the organization (Mayhew,
2015). Another benefit of having diversity in the organization is that having
people from different backgrounds will create perspective on how life is overseas
and in different cultures. When a diverse group works together as a team the
mindset is often stronger and wiser. In conclusion, American is become diverse
and we must make sure that our workplace matches the diverse population of the United
States and will bring us closer as a nation.