According LRT system, jeepney’s and the bus system.

According to Ma Sheilah Napaling, director of the National Center for Transportation Studies, said that the top reason of traffic are because of roads, vehicles people and the institution its self. She also said said that the part of the problem is that people are so impatient and people don’t follow rules. She has also said that our government should also prioritize the public transportation, specifically the country’s MRT, LRT system, jeepney’s and the bus system. One of my findings is that the people or pedestrians are also undisciplined. There are police men’s who accepts bribes and thats one of the major problem in the philippines. Police mens are also one of the cause why people of the philippines are violators. 

People who get stuck in traffic has a low income. They get a low income because a bus should be circle Metro Manila for 3 times but instead the bus can only circle once because of traffic and thats a great example why people who gets stuck in traffic can get a low income. According to Arsenio Balisacan, he estimated that the econimoc loss from traffic jams is at 3php billion a day and it is equivalent to 0.8 percent of the gross domestic product. He also said that the traffic jam is likely to reach 6php billion  by 2030.

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The most common effect of traffic is people can lose their job. They lose their job by always being late because they get stuck on traffic. Being stuck in traffic can also cause a harmful effect on the environment. When a car is running different kinds of gasses are released in the environment which can be harmful to the ozone layer. Cars can produce greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide is a very harmful gas in our ozone layer. In a year hundreds of people die inside of the ambulance because of traffic. People should realize how to give way to ambulances that rushed because inside of that ambulance there is a dying life. 

The LTO should be more strict with drivers who gets their license, they should the prior knowledge of the drivers not just in the road but the street signs also and markings on the road. Uneducated drivers can lead to accident which can also lead to traffic jams. Simultaneous road work should be lessen because it can cause traffic. Roads that have been already fixed are being replaced again because of corruption inside the Philippines government. 

I have concluded that the real main reason of traffic in Metro Manila is the public transportation, specifically the jeep’s and bus. The jeepney driver just unload and loads anywhere they want and this costs’s plenty of traffic and the trffic can lead to major problems like ozone layered depletion, life and jobs after all all of that was explained above.