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Accordingto the American Marketing Association (AMA) marketing is considered as the activity, set of institutions, andprocesses for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offeringsthat have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large (AMA,2013). Marketing can be considered to be as old as civilization, theunderstanding and relevance of marketing came of much importance during thetime of industrial revolution in the 18th and 19thcenturies. This act of persuading and informing consumers on goods and servicesthat are being sold has been on the rise continuously as the years have goneby.

Studies show that during the 18th and19th centuries especially in Europe, there was mass production ofgoods and services. The increase in the transportation mediums during thatperiod, and the increase in mass media meant that producers had to devise meansand ways of informing and distributing their products. During the past andrecent times within the 20th century the business ecosphere andenvironment has become very intense as it relates to competition, makingmarketing skills and techniques very necessary for business survival andlongevity.Duringthe 19th and 20th century some concepts were developedsuch as more insight and understanding of channels of distribution. Additionally businesses were much focused onconvincing and persuading individual that they need a particular product.

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Muchfurther in the 20th century during the 1960’s the business sectorbecame much more intense and competitive to the point were in orderto attract consumers or customers and keep them loyal, individual companies hadto create a department or allocate resources to the single purpose of marketingtheir product (Hollander et al., 2017).Frommultiple sources it is shown that marketing started to change amid the 1990s.

An item or service was made and immediately a brand name and brand image wasproduced for that good or services. Organizations started to acknowledge they could concentrate on offeringgreat quality for goods and services and fabricate or create a superior brandfor themselves. This brought about organizations encountering a positive changein their profit margins, yet in addition it extended their awareness. Additionally it likewise expanded theattention to the brand they had made. A few organizations which had a goodbrand name and image could enhance their totalsales that is earned over a specified time period bymore than 49 percent History Cooperative.

(2017).Therefore during the mid-20th century the study of marketing becameof much importance as market sizes increased. Due to the rise in market sizesdemand for skilled personnel who had knowledge of marketing techniquesincreased, this lead further to an initiation of marketing courses beingoffered by universities (Keith R.J, 1960). Later on with the evolution of theweb, websites commenced being an essential implement for commercialization. During the late 1990s, most companies whichhad websites with most their content filled with a lot of text started toflourish, but  they were later onused to utilized and to provide information about a company’s products oraccommodations. The first company to have an online marketing campaign wasBristol-Myers Squibb to promote their Excedrin product.

The campaign was asuccess, and Bristol-Myers Squibb was able to integrate tens of thousands ofnames to their customer list. Today, hundreds of billions of dollars are spenteach year on the marketing business (History Cooperative, 2017). During thissame time marketing became of much importance through blogging.

According tothe History Cooperative (2017) statistics show that “During the late 1990s, blogs became an important part ofmarketing. In 1999, there were approximately 23 active blogs. It is estimatedthat there are currently over 150 million active blogs.”In the beginning of the 20th centuryduring the period of the Second World War sale of goods of services wereminimal compared to previous years.

Therefore during this period focus ofproducers shifted to gaining much sales instead, this meaning they were muchmore focused on making sales instead of taking into consideration the productitself as compared to previous years.In this modern era companies are focused onunderstand many all aspects of customers, including their perceptions,expectations and experiences. Additionally many business are interested inbuilding relationships with customers (Holden,2017). For a great part of the industrial revolutionproducts were for the most part rare and producers could offer essentially allthat they could deliver, insofar as individuals could stand to get them. Theiremphasis was in the development, production and dispersion or selling of goodsand services at the least conceivable cost and this is what is therefore knownin modern terms as production orientation.Advertisers are always investigating the future,endeavoring to foresee the following enormous pattern, be it for their brandsor their customers. Mobile phones will turn into the focal point ofadvertising.

From phones to cell phones, tablets to wearable devices, theadvancement of cell phones is one of the prime components affecting themarketing scene. As the concentration is moving to littler screens, brands willhave the capacity to strike up a more customized association with their clientsby utilizing the energy of smartphones. According to Newman, D. (2017)”Transparency will dictate brand-customer relationships. Currently,customers are seeking more engagement from brands.

This trend will continue with customers becomingmore demanding in their expectation of transparency. Genuine brands – the onesthat “walk the talk” and create real value – will be rewarded. This meansbrands that still haven’t made their customer dealings transparent are headedto a future of doom. Further predictions suggest that organization will use moresocial channels to market their product as shown that the social mediaengagement by customer has shown to increase over the years. AdditionallyPhilip Kotler suggest that his concept of societal marketing suggest thatmarketers have much greater responsibility than just producing a good orservices to satisfy consumer’s needs and wants, but to actually provide themwith some special value. Lastly a fewmore predictions according to Writer, J.

(2017) suggest that the use of virtual realitydevices would be much more prominent in the marketing industry. He suggeststhat a lot of companies would take advantage and make use of this technology,as it is already being used in other industries of sports and entertainment. Healso adds on that native marketing will have a major role on marketingstrategies, suggesting that consumers will see a narrower divide between nativemarketing and content marketing. With the above content marketing has shown overthe years to be focused on what organizations should produce but during recenttimes, marketing brings an understanding of market demand and is focused notjust only on informing consumers about a product but finding out their interestto satisfy it. Additionally even though there is more of a marketingorientation approach in recent times, some organizations are still focused onproduct and sales orientation.