Account of Salvation: The Life and the Afterlife Essay

Account of Salvation: The Life and the Afterlife

The account of salvation in three different religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam all referred to the deliverance from sin and is acquired in the afterlife. The idea of God pertains to the omnipotent and benevolent being that determined the rules. The position of these three faiths is with the process off acquisition but thee justice and mercy from the God will be applied. The faithful therefore should become responsible with the actions that they are doing with their lives.

Two aspects are placed into consideration with regards to Salvation: the Life and the Afterlife. The salvation linked these two in a way that the decay of the body as the physical form will make way to the acquisition or initiation of the new form. In a way, the form of afterlife salvation between the three religions is similar. There is the savior, the calamity or unwanted situation caused by the judgment, and the determinants. The savior is the God or the Lord as Allah is to Islam. The Calamity may pertain to the wrath that can devastate the existence. It is caused by the judgment based on deeds. The scriptures of the religions have the necessary information on the account of salvation. They provide the words of the Supreme Being that serves as guide.  Obeying thy words determined the path of an individual whether to have the immortal life of suffer eternal punishment (Liepert 85-96).

The western religion is an attempt to supply the touch of pragmatism with the divine nature of eastern religion. The formation of religions derived from the East showed the pattern of them possessing more than the focus on the afterlife. There are some which are mainly focused on how to deal with the optimum world and have it related with the acquisition of the life after death.

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