Accountant Essay

I am an outspoken person and a good leader. My PUPS result was AAA and B and it was a disappointment for my arenas. I set goals when enter secondary school, to be more active and hardworking in academic and co-curriculum. Was active with co-curriculum activities and I have tried my best to balance it with academic. My MR. result is AAA, B and C. It was a big failure for me, and I applied for MRS.. I was chosen by MAR to sit for an exam to enter MRS., but I failed the examination.

During Form 4 and Form 5, again I spent most of my time in co- curriculum activities. Enter Scout because I saw my dad was an active scout’s member and he gain a lot of experience. My friends and I represent our school for King Scouts 2012 and our school has the highest number of candidates. Took Accounting and Science course for my academic. From the beginning, it was hard for me to understand and maintain my result for Chemistry and Physics. I had no problem with Accounting and Mathematics subject because I always like numbers.

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In the end, my SUM result is AAA, 28, ICC and E. The good news was got A+ for my Accounting and A for Mathematics but I didn’t get the chance to enter public university. After SUM, it important for student to decide which path to go for their future. I choose to study in accountancy and become a professional accountant. My father decided to send me to Tailor’s University to continue my studies as it is the best university for accountancy. I took Foundation in Business and I completed it within 1 year with 3. 7 GAP. After 1 year, want to further my studies in Bachelor of Arts (Hon.) Accounting and Finance. Recently in news stated that Malaysia has less Bumpier Accountant and agree with that as see not many Bumpier students in Tailor’s that wants to continue in this course. If my loan application were selected by MAR, I want to prove to my parents that I can excel in this course and it is an honor to show to people hat there is still Bumpier Accountant in Malaysia.