Acer Aspire User Manual Critique Essay

In this paper I am going to critique and review the user manual for the Acer Aspire computer.

The link for this manual is here; http://safemanuals. com/user-guide-instructions-owner-manual/ACER/ASPIRE-7560G-_E. I am going to critique this manual using 5 criteria’s; Manual’s Organization, Manual’s Layout, Product Warnings, Product Tips & FAQ, and a Glossary. If the user manual has all of those things covered then it will be a good manual. As far as the manual’s organization is concerned, I think it is very well organized.

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I viewed the manual in . PDF format and there is a navigation bar on the Adobe Reader which helps navigate through the user manual very well and relatively easily. It is sectioned out into the main topics that the manual covers. The manual is 73 pages long, so I would say as far as information goes they did a good job. I would even say the manual might be a little too large. The layout is very good, as I mentioned about the organization the topics are sectioned out.It is very navigate and the information is all chunked together nicely. The only thing I do not like about the layout is that there are so many pages.

I think they could have erased some pages and put more information on each page. As far as product warnings, they did very well. Right in the beginning of the manual there are several warnings about potential hazards associated with their product. They have warnings for it overheating, for the sound card blowing out if too loud, etc.

They are all general things that some would think are common sense but it is very important that they put it there, as it could cause lawsuits if it was not there. The only negative aspect I see about the product warnings is that there are not many pictures explaining the warnings, which I think would be helpful. The next criteria I included were Product Tips & Frequently Asked Questions. They did a good job with product tips. There are tips on almost everything I could think of about the product.From how to view it correctly, to how to install hardware it was all there. I did not find a FAQ section though, which is a negative thing.

When there is a section of commonly asked questions you can usually find your question there along with an answer. The negative about the product tips was that there were so many and they were so spread out. I think it is a little overwhelming and they could of chunked the information together better. The last criteria I included was a Glossary.

I did not find