Acting Research Paper Essay

The action in this scene is that I want her to step back over the line because she needs to understand it is the right thing to do it, and she’s the only one not listening/breaking the rules. I want her to feel some sympathy for me and that I might lose my job, or have other bad things happen, and I want her to understand that she needs to get back over, before I get screwed over. Obstacle: The obstacle is that she doesn’t want to comply with my authority, and she wants me to leave so she can deface the statue, she’ll manipulate me to get her way.

Tactics: The character uses what he thinks is his authority as someone who works there at first, when that doesn’t work, he transforms his tactic to try to make her feel sorry for him as he has a second job and would get stuck writing a report, he also makes some jokes in order to make her feel he’s friendly, she should step back. Arc: He changes his action, he wants her to leave, but when he finds she won’t, and her convincing view on art, he ends up just wanting her number, and pretends ignorance.

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Personalization: I relate to my character in that in my past I have sometimes felt awkward and shy when talking to people, especially girls. I felt like I was making a fool of myself when I would talk to them. I can also relate in the fact that I really don’t want to get into trouble specifically when I was working last summer, I got a little into trouble for talking with a friend who had stopped by when my supervisor was at lunch. She went into the back with me for a minute because I had to grab something for her and she wasn’t supposed to be there during working hours.

I got into only a little bit of trouble, but it’s not something that makes you look or feel good. It gives you the feeling of fear of getting caught doing something wrong. I don’t like getting into trouble for things, and I myself would be afraid of getting in trouble or fired in the scene’s situation. I don’t like to get people into trouble as much as I don’t like getting into trouble myself. I can relate with how he makes some dumb jokes, and gets kind of embarrassed by them, as it’s something I sometimes do. I was manipulated into changing by one of my girlfriends quite a bit before I realized what she was doing.

So I can relate that way with my character as a whole. Stakes: My character could get into trouble for not getting her out from behind the line. She might get him fired. Other people might get the same idea, and join her, and it might turn into a worse thing. Positive Outcome: She steps back, talks to him, giving him her number before she leaves. He gets off and goes to his second job. No problems. Nightmare Result: She starts painting the statue with him right there, and he has to write a report for why he didn’t jump her, he is late for his second job, and is fired from his first job.