Adapation of Sherlock Holmes Essay

The attitude of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson in the BBC version of Sherlock and the movie starring Robert Downing Jr. are very different. A few of those differences include how they investigate and their personalities. The characters portrayed in the movies are different than in the novels. The BBC version and the Guy Richie version contrast each other by showing particular people acting different. Showing different tasks and how they are accomplished the BBC version presents an amusing, frisky and childish nature. Sherlock Holmes’s in the BBC adaptation is childish, enthusiastic.

For example, when Sherlock finds a dead body in “A Study in Pink”, he is a child with excitement because he believes he is after a serial killer. This shows his child-like attitude, but keeps the reader guessing who it might be. He keeps the series exhilarating and suspenseful from beginning to end. Sherlock is very ignorant towards society, for example he has no social skills while investigating crimes. He treats people like fools. He even keeps clues to himself in order to find the answer first. Sherlock Holmes is also persistent while finding clues.

Sherlock Holmes interprets the clues to investigate for more evidence to demonstrate who the killer is. The BBC series of Sherlock method of investigation is like a computer and displays how he contemplates the discoveries of his pathways. BBC’s style creates the suspense of the chase and shows similarities to the Conan Doyle stories. John Watson portrays to be the exact opposite of Sherlock. John Watson is characterized to be an enjoyable person. He is peaceful and is constantly a support for Sherlock. John is classified as Sherlock’s partner/reporter.

They remain beside each other most of the time. John has Sherlock’s back and would not help anyone to hurt Sherlock or himself. BBC’s version portrays John to a whole new level of a support for Sherlock by showing a loyal friend that never walks away. John is distinguished in this version of Sherlock Holmes. John is described different but also portrays the role in the stories. Robert Downing Jr. is not as believable as Sherlock as Benedict Cumberbach is. Guy Richie portrays Sherlock Holmes as a mind-numbing adult that is harsh and insecure towards John Watson.

Sherlock in the production is boring and dull. Guy Richie also tries to rewrite a new variety of Sherlock Holmes, with Robert Downing Jr. but is not as successful as the BBC version. The Guy Richie story displays a more mature Sherlock than the BBC. He is more focused and adult like. Attempting to change such an important character wrenches the readers, from reading the stories. John Watsons portrays to be the exact opposite of Sherlock. John Watson is additionally contrasted from the BBC style. Guy Richie performs John Watson as an arrogant person towards Sherlock Holmes.

John and Sherlock are more like colleagues than friends in this version. John expresses the feelings to Sherlock that he doesn’t want him around. John is uptight and thinks he is the richest person in the world. He thinks he can do what ever he wants and when he wants. John is revealed as cruel and rude to Sherlock. He does not have the desire to serve Sherlock in the investigations and often disregards Sherlock’s cry for help. John demonstrates a downfall in this series and is a disgrace to the BBC’s adaptation of Sherlock.