Administrative Medical Assistant Skills Essay

Administrative Medical Assistant Skills Tiffany Benkert Ultimate Medical Academy There are many human skills that a good Administrative Medical Assistant can use. The top three are people skills, planning activities and typing.

People skills are great to have. You will have to deal with patients every day. Knowing how to communicate will make it easier to get along with one another. When patients call the office sometimes they upset about a bill they got and take it out on the Administrative Medical Assistant that took the call. To have good people skills will help you in handling the situation and not let yourself get angry at them.Knowing how to talk in a calm matter may help calm the patient down. Planning activities within the medical office is important for Administrative medical Assistant. They have to perform duties that are related to the healthcare industry.

Also do some general administrative duties which include answering the phone, greeting patients and visitors, ordering supplies and many other duties. Some of the duties have specialized knowledge to be able to perform them. For example, scheduling patient’s appointment, maintain patient’s medical records, processing insurance forms, cording lab services.The concept of empowerment can make you more effective in your dealings with other colleagues in the medical office.

According to Jones and George (2012) Empowerment is a management technique that involves giving employees authority and responsibility over the way they perform their work activities. It lets you take control of your work. At the same time it’s letting other feel like they are a part of a work team.

You can think for yourself and motivate employee to be more constructive. References Jones, G. R, & George, J. M (2012) Essentials of Contemporary Management . USA: McGraw-Hill