Admission/application: george mason university Essay

Admission/application essay: George Mason university

Personal/Professional Goals
The basic interest in the program of George Mason University is due to its methodical approach and the specialization to which you I am applying is the graduate application in mathematics. The most influential factor that worked in favor of choosing this field is the aspect of becoming an academician and a successful mathematician in the parameters of teaching. In accordance to my career formulation the basic impetus of being interested in graduate school is to achieve my degree and with this degree I would find myself in a helpful position in becoming a Principal. It should also be mentioned that my goals are to get my Doctoral Degree in mathematic.

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Academic Experience
My Undergraduate degree is from the University of Maryland. I graduated on different disciplines from Graduate Webster University, Trinity College and Capella University. My specializations were in mathematics, Human Resources and K-12 School Leadership. All these academic experience and study disciplines are extremely important for the career I am about to pursue because these are all interrelated and relevant subjects.
The experiences that influenced me to choose the present discipline of graduate program or specialization are my interactions with the students as a Classroom Teacher and also as an Instructional Facilitator.
It is difficult to state any inconsistencies in academic record or work experience because from the point of view of personal, physical or family circumstances it can well be enumerated that my GPA is without a blemish and can be regarded as sound.?

Research Experience
I have prior research experience on the specialized field I am working on. My research accomplishments were through Capella University.
Work /Other Experience
As for prior work experience it can be enumerated that I worked as a Classroom teacher and Instructional Facilitator. Alongside I proved myself at Risk Counselor and acted as an Assistant Principal. Furthermore, it should be stated that I have volunteered many hours as a Cub Scout leader with 70 active members (largest troop in DC, Maryland and Va area). Additionally I have worked at Soup Kitchen and volunteered as a Big brother and have worked at numerous homeless shelters through DC area.

Personal Qualities
I believe that the personal qualities I possess will contribute to my success in the field and graduate study by a large margin. I believe that I possess a decent Collaborative Planning capacity with entire staff along with ability of staff developments for staff. I can also prove myself to be an able Boy Scout Leader.
Why George Mason University?
George Mason University would be a good match for me and my future goals because it is at this venue I find all the necessary means to achieve my dreams in terms of training, skill development and knowledge.
The most influential factor that worked in favor of George Mason University is the systematic mode of curriculum and the clarity of information provided. Furthermore, the most interesting aspect about an online program is its flexibility along with its aspects of accessibility devoid of time and place.


Thus it can well me mentioned that the basic objective is to flourish in my life with an environment of mathematics that I am sure to enjoy in George Mason University. I love the subject and I take pleasure in working on any aspect of mathematics. As a result I would feel most comfortable in this program and it would surely result in high amount of success in near future.