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The Philippines has a lot of debt in the United Nations Organization (UNO), that even our generations, our coming children have now having debt. The Philippines’ debt is more or less 70 billion and instead of lessening, it gradually increasing even though our government is continually paying for it. The gradual increase of our country’s debt is maybe due to its interest. The country’s debt is mainly because of the wrong moves and planning of our corrupt leaders.

The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant is one of the useless projects and think of it; it is one of the most expensive projects of our government which cost trillions. This nuclear power plant is the worst project because considering its expensive cost, for a single moment this project was not yet worked or tested, considering the fact that it is dangerous. The government just waste the country’s money just for this devastating project which is a kind of a trash.

The fact that the money used for this is coming from the country and the debt from some organization, if we think of it we lost so much money but if that money was just used in other that would help our Filipino people, probably we won’t experience or lessen our today’s problems. The work opportunities of Filipino people are so little that they cannot work way out of their miserable life. These little opportunities of work are merely seen in the rural areas. Such as provinces that brings us to unemployment.

For these people they try to find bigger opportunities which they thought can be found in urban area that results to human migration and the unemployment from rural areas brings them to the unemployment in the urban areas. These migration from rural areas to urban areas brings them more miserable life because if they are in their hometown, they can plant and harvest some crops for we are an agricultural country but in this big cities they just tend to beg food, and the result is that the squatters—under the skyways, along the rail way and along the bank of rivers which causes pollution, which bring us to a new problem.

Due to unemployment in our country, most of the Filipinos tend to find jobs in the other country, considering that they also contribute to the rise of our economy but in fact if they work hard in our own country probably we will have a progressive country. Another problem that our country is having faced is that the uncontrollable population growth which brings overpopulation to our country.

The Filipino has no enough knowledge to this issue because of illiteracy thus more and more women is being pregnant and more people to come, and their another problem that most of the couple that have great number of children are coming form the low level society or the poor that brings them in the difficulty that results to our greatest problem, poverty. From this we could conclude that Filipino people are not so responsible and considerate. Considerate in a way that, they would base their number of children in their level in life. Ruby Joy P. Nardo F1-1R “Small problems come with a bigger problem”.

The effects of the all these problems our country had, leads to the most horrible one—poverty. The different scenes in Metro Manila—the beggars, the squatters and the residence in the “smoky mountain” are some evidences of poverty in our country. Our low economic rate which is getting worst, that they couldn’t eat three times a day that their child were the one who work for their family instead of their parents and instead of having a good education. All of our country’s problem—unemployment, overpopulation, illiteracy and low rate of economy Is just linked by poverty which is our greatest problem.

Poverty linked them like a cycle. Poverty causes uneducated people, then illiteracy brings unemployment and overpopulation then the result of those Is the low economic rate and then if we have low economic rate it brings us to poverty and another cycle again, that is getting worst. Then if poverty would be solve probably all our problem would also be solved for poverty is the ultimate problem and it is the way in the connection of all these problem. For these problems to be solved we should be responsible enough to have a great and developed country.