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Adria WaughMrs.Beam6th period22 January 2018Prevail with Parkinson’s Some might see Parkinson’s Disease, others might see adventuring into the unknown but either way this disease can change someone’s life drastically. Parkinson’s slowly disables neurological ailment increasing stiffness of the muscles, postural problems, and movement difficulties. The exact cause of Parkinson’s is still unknown, although people now are starting to believe Parkinson’s can be caused by damage to the gut and not the brain. With the disease affecting people who are usually over the age of 40 it is extremely rare for children to have it. Even though gene mutation may be responsible for some cases of Parkinson’s, many researchers increasingly believe that the root of Parkinson’s disease is related to environmental factors. Although Parkinson’s has no cure and has many degrading side effects, there are many ways to alleviate the pain. Causes of Parkinson’s can vary depending on a person’s genetics and what kind of accidents they’ve been in. With many types of causes, most cases are because of nerve cell deterioration as stated in the following article, “Parkinson’s disease typically involves deterioration of nerve cells that produce the chemical dopamine in an area of the brain known as the substantia nigra. Dopamine is a carrier of nerve signals, or neurotransmitter, that plays a role in coordination of muscle movement. With the death of dopamine-producing cells in the substantia nigra, the supply of dopamine can become grossly deficient in people with Parkinson’s disease”(Parkinson’s Disease). Although scientists still don’t know exactly why these nerve cells deteriorate it explains why people have muscle problems. Other causes can be because of physical damage to the body according to this article, “Other types of parkinsonism may develop from exposure to certain drugs, chemical substances, or viruses; other possible causes may include stroke, head injury, and certain degenerative diseases”(Parkinson’s Disease). So depending on certain circumstances someone could get Parkinson’s at anytime. With the most common causes of Parkinson’s starting in the brain recent research has found it might actually start in the gut. Researchers state, “Other studies have shown that farmers exposed to certain pesticides, and people who get their drinking water from wells -which might be contaminated with pesticides – are more likely to get Parkinson’s. Perhaps these chemicals can also damage nerves in the gut.The finding made sense because people with Parkinson’s often report digestive problems -mainly constipation – starting up to 10 years before they notice tremors”(Parkinson’s: We’re looking in the wrong place). Although this theory isn’t proving to be quite common it can allow doctors to keep an open mind as to what causes Parkinson’s. Effects of this disease can be as severe as not being able to walk again. On page one of the 6th Edition of Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia it states, ” Symptoms usually begin in middle to later life with trembling of the lips and hands, loss of facial expression, and muscular rigidity. As it progresses it may bring on body tremors, particularly in muscles at rest. Movements become slow and difficult; walking degrades to a shuffle. After many years physical incapacity may occur. Dementia occurs in at least 50% of the patients; depression is also common” (Parkinson’s disease). Although most of the effects are quite common people might only have one or a combination of the effects. With tremors, stiffness and difficulty moving being effects of Parkinson’s usually talked about there are also others that aren’t usually brought up but still occur. Author, Clare Wilson claims, “The finding made sense because people with Parkinson’s often report digestive problems -mainly constipation – starting up to 10 years before they notice tremors. Interestingly, another early symptom of Parkinson’s is loss of smell. It may be no coincidence, says Bum, that the nose and gut are two organs where nerve cells are exposed to the outside world – and to potentially problematic toxins and microbes”(Parkinson’s: we’re looking in the wrong place).Since digestive problems usually appear !0 years before tremors begin it can allows people to catch Parkinson’s early and receive treatment to lessen the effects. Although Parkinson’s usually only affects people over the age of 40 it is possible for a child to get Parkinson’s Disease. On page one of Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia it proclaims, “It is extremely rare for Parkinson’s disease to develop in children. There is evidence suggesting that when it does occur, it may be a result of decreased sensitivity of nerves to dopamine” (Parkinson’s Disease). Parkinson’s isn’t selective to who it chooses as victim.