Advances in Technology for Education Essay

ADVANCES IN TECHNOLOGY FOR EDUCATION & SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT FOR APEC CENTRAL LIBRARY 1. S. Arunkumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Applications Adhiparasakthi Engineering College Melmaruvathur 603 319 . Email : [email protected]

com Abstract- With the rise of small and easy-to-use applications (commonly known as “Apps”) created by the popularity of the iPhone comes many things to learn from and integrate into website design. One of these new capabilities is to be able to store information locally so the user is able to access their information while they don’t have access to the Internet (aka “offline access”).A side benefit is that there’s no need to re-download things that don’t change, like a downloadable app, so it’s a much faster user experience. This is also great for those that have Internet access, but for one reason or another is slower than usual. To help speed up the adoption of this technology is the increase of Internet enabled portable devices and computers being used along with the increase of websites that provide software as a web service. Software as a service is where a more traditional program that you download to your computer has been converted into a Web site.It still offers the same capabilities in addition to being able to access the same information from anywhere that has internet connectivity.

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Offline access is new and isn’t yet supported by the majority of Web browsers that people use. So there’s something that’s lost in the process of turning a program into an online application at the moment, and that’s the ability to access the information without internet connectivity. Once the offline access capability is more ubiquitous, you will be able to see this feature being offered by more and more Web sites.It bridges the gap between the benefits of a program that you download and an online application.

Keywords- HTML, Web pages, Home page, Library. I. INTRODUCTION When the task was assigned to me and given a month time to finish the software development, I was stunned. Being a academician and no idea of software development how I am going to finish the job. I was breaking the head and after two days I got the logic. Once I got the logic I started designing the webpages.

In case of online access internet accessing time will be waste, but in case of offline access internet time will be saved and it will be cost effective.Being a college more than 2500 persons will access our college digital library. Being a budding talented engineers students will access more and more journals will be downloaded in all the machines.

This will created enormous wastage of memory in all the machines. The maintenance will take time. In this paper I am going to share the experience of how I developed the software for Central Library. A software is developed for accesing the server through offline. Our college is planned to buy a IEEE online journals.

Single user access is Rs. 5,00,000/.Multiuser access is Rs. 15,00,000/-. We bought single user and myself developed a software for accessing the server downloaded pages in offline mode.

I saved Rs. 10,00,000/- to our college. Tasks and Activities: For every problem there will be a solution. So instead of worrying I start thinking about the solution. I got the solution of accessing the other machines in the network from the command prompt. Implemented that concept in webpages.

Through offline access all the informations are downloaded and stored in a single machine which is nothing but a server.So deputing only one staff member for downloading the papers and articles from IEEE journals and dumped it one server. Rest of the students are allowed to access that particular machine with the rest of the machines. Software Size and Reuse Estimating: I have developed the software for one department.

For example if I developed the sotware for Master of Computer Application department. The same code I reused for other departments like Master of Business Administration, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics andCommunication Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering , Information Technology and Civil Engineering. Only one period time is allowed during the college hours for the students. So 60 students will be accessing the server. If two students are allowed to sit in a single machine then 30 machines are enough to implement the concepts. Problems and Risks: The problems and risks in the software I developed is people who is having the software alteration knowledge will corrupt the software.Web pages can be easily altered by right clicking the webpage and view source we can see the code. And easily alter the webpage.

So to overcome this problem with the help of the network administrator we protected the client machines by not giving saving options of the particular hard drive in which the offline library journal access software is stored. Cost Estimation: For developing the home page software companies are asking Rs. 5000/- and for the subsequent pages the cost is Rs. 500/-. In that aspect my home page is Rs. 000/- and my subsequent pages for each department is two pages.

So each department web page designing is Rs. 1000/-. Totally in my college we are having 9 departments so the total cost may be Rs. 14000/- ie. 9000 for 9 departments and for home page Rs. 5000.

But I did this software as a free of cost to my college. Effort Measures: As I handled the web graphics subject I am good in html concepts. So I designed the web pages. I designed the web pages in my home ie during the out of office hours it may be evening or up to midnight.In the case of students not getting the required page they have to give the which particular area of information they are seeking in the internet to the library person. Then the librarian will give necessary information to the downloader and he will download the required content. So the student will definitely get it that day evening itself.

Organizational Planning: I requested in my organization ie in library please download the pages from the ieee journals and keep it in the F:arunlibrarya. Here F is the hard disk drive.In that create a directory in my name under that create one more directory called library. Under that create directory from alphabets a to z. The idea behind this paper name starts in “a” stored under the “a” directory, paper name starts in “b” stored under “b” directory and so on. So it will reduce the student searching time. Any paper must comes under any one of the directory only.

Project Roles and Skills Needed: Here I played a role of software developer and project manager and skills needed to do this html coding and web page designing.As a software developer I developed the software but I had given training to all the library staff to create the awareness and what are the things which is possible to implement ie what to do and what not to do. While doing these things I felt that I am playing a project manager role. It is very difficult to explain the things to the library people. To co-ordinate with them and convincing them by showing the partial development and adopting their ideas and views and implemented successfully. Conclusion:Being 11 years in the field of teaching I got an opportunity to develop a software to my organization. With the diving blessings of Arulthiru Amma His Holiness Bangaru Adigalar I did it.

The software is running very successfully in our college library. By clicking the 2006-07 Journals and Magazines it will take you to the next screen A B C D…. Z. By clicking the A or B or any alphabet it will take you to that particular paper which is already downloaded and stored in the machine. This software is very useful for those who are having the dial up collections.

The internet accessing time is saved. So its very cost effective. In the references I had given the w3schools.

com for colour matching codes to be used in my webpage background colour and spring. com is to present the paper in Springer Lecture notes format. I dedicate this paper to the people who are in library field. First Screen APEC CENTRAL LIBRARY 2006-07 Journals and Magazines 2007-08 Journals and Magazines 2008-09 Journals and Magazines Second Screen APEC CENTRAL LIBRARY A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z References: 1. http://W3schools. com 2. http://Springer.