Advantage of CNC Machines Essay

AbstractThe Bridgeport Interact 412 Vertical machining center is supported by the language developed by Heidenhain. The language is a modified version of the conventional G-codes with added features. The machining center has the facility to use either the G-codes or the modified language.

The modified language also has the facility of using functional parameters within a program by substituting them with variables which are either entered at a later stage or calculated by the controller. When executing the program, the control then uses the numerical values generated. The functions that can be used are Assign, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Square Root, Sine, Cosine, Root Sum of Squares, If Equal, If Unequal, If Greater Than and If Less Than.This work involves making use of these functional parameters to program complex curves. By defining the part geometry with the help of equations and mathematical definitions other functions such as Exponential, Logarithmic to any Base and Hyperbolic functions can be machined.

^ The use of the mathematical equations and parametric functions in defining the part geometry while programming reduces the tedious computations required for calculating the locations of each point on the curve. The human errors while computing are reduced and also human errors in defining the coordinate values in the program is eliminated. The time required for programming is reduced and the prior knowledge of either programming or high level language is not required. The central idea of this thesis is to implement the above complex curves with no loss in accuracy for commercial applications.Recommended CitationGubby R Umashankar, “Computer numerical control programming for complex curve machining” (January 1, 1988). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso.

Paper AAIEP10819. CNC expands to Computer Numerically Controlled . The possibilities of numerically controlled machines were explored in the 1950 ‘s for the US Air Force by the metalworking machine part builders . By the end of the decade they could come out with machines producing complex parts of machines without human interference or inconsistency .

A CNC machine has a micro-computer which is programmed to control the machine in terms of its movements and positioning which is more precise and faster than with humans . The basic principles of CNC are mathematics and geometric co-ordinate system . A CNC machine communicates with itself for operation . What makes the CNC machine most outstanding is their ability to move in 3 or more dimensions at once and the co-ordination among the various parts within the machine , all very fast (CNC DefinedAdvantages The main advantages of CNC Technology are flexibility accuracy , speed , simplified tools , no skilled workers required since the machine itself is skilled , simple operational skills required and less laborious work for workers (Dr .Karunakaran .

2004 ) Precision and speed are the most important characteristics of CNC machines . For the same CNC technology are being used in many fields like Machining (2 .5D / 3D Turning – Lathes , Turning Centre , Milling – Machining Centres etc ) and Forming (2D , Plasma and Laser Cutting , Blanking , nibbling and punching 3D , Rapid Prototyping etc . The parts made by CNC machines are used in almost all industries like…