Advantage Transport System Essay

Advantage Transport System 1. What should the company do about the new business contract? ATS should take advantage of the new business opportunity that Alec discussed. If ATS gets the contract with the large domestic auto manufacturer, that would not only increase their revenue but ultimately open the door for other opportunities.

ATS should also see where the company can make adjustments in pricing and offer special promotions for their current customers. After careful review of recent loss of contracts, ATS should contact vehicle manufactures and consult with them on the future of their business.They should inform them of the changes and improvements that they are trying to make in order to keep their business.

2. How could the competition impact the marketing efforts? The competition can impact the marketing efforts greatly. One of the main impacts is the fact that the competition has lowered their price by 10%.

This is in turn causes ATS to lower their rates in order to remain competitive. The downfall is by lowering the rates ATS will lose income and their marketing budget will go down all in an effort to remain competitive. 3.What steps should the manager take to resolve the marketing issue? I think the manager should do a SWOT analysis on the company to get a better idea of were they need improvement.

They also need to offer special promotions/discounts to their current customers in order to keep them satisfied. It’s important that the company does everything possible to keep the customers they have and possibly get the customers back they lost. Victorio should go forward with the plan to arrange an initial public offering (IPO) of ATS shares to help raise funds for expansion.This would give them the opportunity to look into purchasing larger transporting vehicles to compete with their competition. If they were able to transport small and mid-size cars as well as SUVS, they would have a huge advantage over the competition. They could possibly get more contracts like the one being discussed with the large domestic auto manufacturer. ? References Olver, J.

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