Advantageous to Be a Competent English Speaker Essay

“It is Advantageous to be a Competent English Speaker Nowadays” Long time ago, miscommunications is one of the biggest problem around the globe. A lot of foreign people couldn’t understand and couldn’t communicate as well. Of course, it is really hard to talk to someone who couldn’t understand on what your mouth is saying and we can’t deny that it can create chaos to other. But English language nowadays is introduced to us, for us able to understand with each other, for us to express our feelings and emotions, to share our thoughts and opinions, and to socialize with other foreign people.

In this modern generation, there are a lot of English speakers scattered across the globe. Some of them are having a hard time just to speak English and some of them speak fluently. But, they used to be an English speaker even though it’s hard; for they all know that it is really advantageous. It is advantageous for us students to know how to be an English speaker because, in the near future it is possible for us to work abroad and with that, while we’re studying we should all be globally competitive enough and ready to face heavier challenges in life.

I strongly believed that not all people who knew how to speak English were smart and above all individuals. But, the real intelligent individual is how you use and understand English as a language and how you use language to speak competently with the other foreign people. Right now, I am using English language to communicate and share my thoughts to you. But I am not saying that I’m already a competent English speaker; this is just my opinion about how to be an advantageous competent English speaker.