Advantages of Urbanization Essay

As the industries of the world are growing fast, urbanization is proceeding so rapidly that it is generating a wide range of employment. New investments in various industries and this in turn help to create large scale employment which is much needed in developing countries. Due to employment, the per capita income of the people rises and the region achieves prosperity. Urbanization provides plenty of opportunities for people from all sections of society to excel and achieve their goals.

Many factories are built in urban areas since economic benefit was the sole purpose of the urbanization from the beginning, which will benefit to local economy, which goes to the wealth of government. Then the government find another place to develop. • Technical growth: The major advantage of urbanization will be technical progression and there by developing scientific attitude of the people . The result of technical advancement is mechanisation that increases the countries’output. •Major per cent of country’s GDP comes from urban sector .

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For example if we consider India’s GDP in the year 2008-09, it was 3339375cr (taking base year as 99-00) out of which urban contribution was 2221347cr i. e. nearly 66%. As many investments were favoured towards urban sector, many facilities are available in many cities and thus favouring factor for people to migrate from rural to urban areas. • Infrastructure: Urban infrastructure is a physical or structural part of the city that include its transportation systems (roads, bridges, highways, public transportation, etc. , sewage system,utility systems (gas, electricity, water treatment and delivery), and its buildings (schools,court houses, sports facilities, and its public and private housing developments). Urbanization provides better infrastructure facilities, medical facilities and educational opportunities to millions of people . The overall standard of living of the people rises considerably because of urbanization. It helps the region to prosper and cater to the needs of a large population .

The well-developed schools and universities in the urban areas lead to increase in literacy rate of population and thereby increase in skills of the labour . For example literacy rate of India was 84. 97% while urban literacy rate was 74. 04%. 0 Health care facilities: Urban areas continued to develop being the seats of power, money and intellect. They also became the first places to experiment with ideas. As a result, various agencies of health representing municipal, provincial and national levels developed simultaneously with voluntary, private and philanthropic institutions .

For example :In India, there are well-developed health care facilities available in urban sector because of the government’s various health care programmes. Some of the policies are: ?Universal Immunization Programme (UIP) is an important step towards achieving the goal of Health for All. ?Urban Malaria Scheme : The main objective of the scheme is to control malaria transmission by eliminating aquatic stages of vector mosquitoes by weekly application of larvicides in breeding sources. ? National Filarial Control programme . ?Leprosy control programme.