Adventures of Tom Sawyer – Short Essay

The series of adventures happens in a small village of St. Petersburg. In your opinion, how does this contribute to the turn of events of the story? Particularly, what do you think the cave represents? In my opinion, since the story happens in a small town, it would be easier for the author to connect the stories of one independent character to another character. It would also be easier for the readers to understand the relationship of a character to another character. The small village of St. Petersburg can also be interpreted as a microcosm of the United States or of society in general.

All of the major social institutions are present on a small scale in the village and all are susceptible to Twain’s comic treatment. The challenges and joys Tom encounters in the village are, in their basic structure, ones that he or any reader could expect to meet anywhere. For me, the cave would represent as a trial that Tom has to pass before he can graduate into maturity. Coming-of-age stories often involve tests in which the protagonist is separated from the rest of the society for a period of time and faces significant dangers or challenges.

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Only after having survived on the strength of his personal resources, is Tom ready to rejoin society. It also represents the symbolic change of Tom from boy to man. The cave also may represent the unknown. Identify and describe the two main characters (Tom and Huck), how are they similar and different? The main difference between the two boys is that Huck is more of a realist and Tom is an idealist. Huck is simple, uneducated, and full of common sense and adventure, and a reluctant reader. Tom love to embellish, he has gone to school regularly since he comes from a more stable family than Huck, and he loves to read.