Advertisement Nike Final Essay

Nikkei products provide excellent proof of their product’s use. For example Nikkei has an advertisement that features Susan Bolt advertising Nine’s shoes and Storage. Besides Susan Bolt, there is a cheetah which symbolizes speed of the shoe which he races the cheetah across Africans wild to also represent the endurance of the shoes. He also drinks a Storage to rebuild stamina and starts the race again. The advertisers of the Nikkei advertisement appeal to the everyday athletes using the concepts of speed, endurance, and the preparation of the sport profession.During the Nikkei advertisement, Nikkei tries to aim their products toward endurance runners.

Susan shows the endurance of himself and the shoes by running across Africans wild. By him never stopping the shoes are built for all types of terrain and will last longer than Nine’s leading competitors. Nikkei over exaggerates how they uses Bolt to run across Africans wild. Susan also has a Nikkei has on a Nikkei sweat shirt to complete the idea of completion of having shoes and clothing. Not only does Nikkei shoes and built for endurance but they are also built for acceleration and speed.Ace 2 Nikkei also explains how their shoes are built for acceleration ND speed.

Like most advertisements, the advertisers often exaggerate heavily. Nikkei uses a cheetah as explain how fast their shoes make a person. For explain, Susan Bolt is arguable the fastest mast in the world hands down but really can a person obtain the same acceleration and speed as Africans fastest animal the cheetah? Nikkei uses that image to persuade most track runners to buy their shoes. Bolt is use to draw in track runners for the fact he is a track star. Not only track runners are persuaded to buy Nine’s shoes but most athletes in general are.Athletes are prone to train for hysterical fitness, so Nikkei persuades all athletes to buy their equipment by using Susan Bolt physically active and using Nikkei Storage.

Nine’s uses Susan Bolt, a world known athlete to draw in more athletes for business. In Swain’s profession all he does is train to be better. All sports require training and preparation to be the obesity can be. Most athletes can compare themselves to Bolt and his attributes to their sport. As Bolt runs across Africans wild he does not take any breaks while he is racing. After the race, Susan stops and replenishes his body with a cold bottle of Storage.