Advertisers of reality is shown in the

Advertisers often use a technique called “effective condition,” which means they take a product and place it next to other things consumers feel positively about. For example, a detergent advertisement will juxtapose their brand with babies, sunshine, flowers, or other similar items. Repeatedly showing their brand with these items makes consumers feel good about the detergent too. Advertisers want to believe people themselves. Advertisements are good for understanding how good theproduct is, but a lot of people think advertising is deceiving them. Each advertisement has its own purpose, a group of people it is designed to attract. Advertisements have both advantages and disadvantages.     The major advantage of advertisement is that bringing new products to your notice. People are watching advertisement about that kind of stuff before buying stuff. Advertisements are a great source of inspiration for new things to buy. It tells us about useful new products. It stimulates the people to purchase the product. Also, advertisements give information us about the launch of a new and better version of any product too. For example, we can only see the launch of new model of the Iphonein advertisement. The first, advertisements inform to people about this.     Helping the economy is another advantage of advertisements. Marketing helps to keep the wheels of business well oiled. Two Nobel Laureates in economics, Dr. Kenneth Arrow and the late Dr. George Stigler, praise the value of advertising: “Advertising is a powerful tool of competition. It provides valuable information about products and services in an efficient and cost-effective manner. In this way, advertising helps the economy to function smoothly—it keeps prices low and facilitates the entry of new products and new firms into the market”. During the day, many advertisements shoot in the world, and this increases the power of the economy more and more every day. In addition, advertising supports the core principles that shaped our nation: free speech, competition, and democracy. Since colonial times, advertising has provided a source of vital information about our open, market-based economy.    One of the main disadvantage of advertisement is insecure. A lot of people is annoyed that the product received with the product shown on the advertisement is of a distinctive feature. This leads to losing confidence in people to advertising. Also, many a time distorted version of reality is shown in the advertising. Believing in advertising, consumers buy the product. On its use, they feel cheated. They come to realise later that the information given in the advertisement was something else whereas the actual product was quite different from it. Thus, people lose confidence in advertising because of wrong presentation. In this reference it is said that advertising confuses rather than helps.    A second disadvantage of advertisement is breaking up your favorite shows. Sometimes, you just want to watch that thriller straight through without having adverts breaking up the action. The most of people do not like advertisements for this. Mostly advertisements start at the peak of the film. This makes people angrier and increases their advertising hate. Even some people do not want to watch the movie because of their advertising.    In conclusion, advertisements effect a lot to people in their daily life. Some advertisements create pleasant impressions on the part of people, while some advertisement create sinister impressions. That’s why advertisements have positive and negative sides. Positive sides are that people make use useful new products and it develops economy. The down sides are that insecure products in advertisements and breaking up your favorite shows. Based on the discussion, I personally think that advertisement is effective if people need to buy anything, but in normal case is boring to watch advertisement.