Advertising and Marketing Using Social Media – Itunes Essay

iTunes, also known as the iTunes Store, is a leading online store for digital media and online software. Apple Incorporation operates the store.

Apple inc. is a leading computer manufacturer and marketer. The store opened in 2003 to become the major music vendors and online music provide in the United States.

In the recent past, the store has been offering millions of e-books, videos, songs, and applications. The success of iTunes is attributed to its business strategy and ability to market itself online. The method of doing business is rather integrative such that it reduces the costs usually incurred in operations.

This report explains the iTunes advertisement strategy and continued engagement of various social media such as Twitter and Facebook. iTunes Social Site Marketing Tools iTunes music store has been on the frontline to market and advertise its products using different social sites. The use of sites such as Facebook and Twitter has remained essential towards promoting the success of the music store. The first marketing tool used by the company is the iTunes Facebook application. This is also the same strategy for Twitter.The tool has been critical because it ensures more people can download the application and use it to purchase products such as software, music and e-books from the store (Yoffie, 2010, p. 13).

This has ensured the marketing process is successful at iTunes. In the recent past, Facebook has become a leading digital media store whereby different marketers can promote their products and applications. The store is also using a marketing page for Facebook. There is also the use of specific product pages whereby the company markets its products to the targeted customers.The use of these pages and applications has remained effective towards the stores successful marketing for its products and software applications.

Advertisement Methods Different social sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have made it possible for companies and stores to advertise their services and products to the increasing number of users. iTunes Store has not been left behind when it comes to the use of different social media to promote its products to the targeted customers. To begin with, iTunes has a Facebook page whereby ifferent visitors can like the page (Tan, 2009, p. 33). Whenever they like the page, the receive updates and new products, songs and video available from the online store.

This has become possible for the store to advertise its business to the increasing number of users. The other approach is the creation of fun pages on Facebook and Twitter. Consumers can understand the store’s agenda and inform them about the new materials produced. The advertisement method has made it easier to get more customers (Soskin, 2010, p. 7). The development has resulted from the fact that the major visitors of social sites are the youths who comprise a greater percentage of the store’s potential customers.

iTunes has created various pages for different products marketed at the store. This has helped to advertise the products thereby marketing them to new customers. The store has also embarked on a mission to update the Facebook visitors about the new developments, organizational strategies and offers provided by iTunes.

The advertisement methods have informed more people about the business thereby emerging as a leading online marketer. The online store has used various pages and information to engage the fans and customers on Twitter and Facebook. This has increased the number of fans who eventually become potential customers for the store (Tan, 2009, p. 37). The music and software store has used these advertising strategies as a way of promoting its nature of business. Conducting Campaigns iTunes has relied on various campaigns and promotional strategies to inform customers about their products and services.

The store has been conducting its campaigns using its fun pages and product pages on Twitter and Facebook. Having created a Facebook or Twitter page, the online store has always updated the pages to ensure the visitors understand the new events, promotions, and products in place. This has ensured the campaigns are successful thereby attracting more clients (Yoffie, 2010, p. 17). The trick behind the company’s online presence has been promoted by its campaigns whereby the visitors are guided about different products, how to download them, and use them.The campaign includes a strategic approach that seeks to support mission and vision of the company. As well, visitors can access the main website from which they can purchase the specific items such as songs, e-books and software from the store.

The campaign has been successful thereby increasing the store’s profitability. With the use of different social sites and media, iTunes has been in a position of advertising its products and services to a large number of Facebook and Twitter users today. Possible Risks of Using Social Media in This WayAs discussed above, the use of the fun pages and product pages on Twitter and Facebook has been an effective tool or approach that has helped iTunes reach out to more customers. The approach has continued to promote the campaign thereby making the advertisement process successful.

However, some potential risks might arise from the use of social media in such ways. For example, some followers might be ready to destroy the image or tarnish the name of a given product. Whenever this happens, the advertising strategy is affected and this might result in the loss of customers (Tan, 2009, p.

2). Social sites are avenues for marketing and advertising various products. However, the use of the sites can be disastrous because the content and information posted by different individuals are usually uncensored. This might have negative impacts on the success of the advertisement strategy. It is also notable that the use of various social sites might never reach out to the right customers.

Majority of the users are mainly unaware or not interested in the products marketed by various companies. This makes it impossible for the store to advertise to the right people.This explains why there would be need for new methods to supplement the advertising strategy (Tan, 2009, p. 76). The advertising strategy might reduce the success of the marketing process especially when the sites do not communicate to more customers.

It would be appropriate for iTunes to use the social sites adequately and promote other advertising strategies to reduce the risks that might arise from the process. Ways of Improving the Advertising and Marketing Strategy Many companies have succeeded due to their presence on various social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.The presence has made it easier to market the products to an increasing number of clients. From the above discussions, it is notable that iTunes Store has tried to utilize the available media resources to improve its online presence using Facebook and Twitter. However, it would be necessary to consider the opportunities availed by these social sites in order to benefit and improve the marketing strategy.

The first approach is to remain ‘real’ whenever informing the materials and products available at the iTunes stores (Yoffie, 2010, p. 7). This will attract more people and make them potential clients.

The use of photos and videos describing the new products in details will also improve the marketing strategy using these social sites. During the entire process, iTunes can check the number of ‘likes’ and individuals talking about the company or its new products. This will determine the success of the Facebook or Twitter presence. This will make it possible to attract more people and devise new strategies to advertise.

In the last few years, iTunes has only advertised on these sites. The store can obtain better results by linking the store’s website with Facebook and Twitter activities.The approach will ensure more clients are purchasing products such as songs, applications, software and e-books directly from Facebook (Soskin, 2010, p. 53). This strategic approach could make the marketing process successful and make the online store a leading player in online business. Recently, Facebook introduced a new Timeline for Products. The store will find the tool effective to promote the marketing strategy for its set of products. Facebook also introduced the ‘Reach Generator’ that can help iTunes improve its number of fans every single month.

The approach can make the marketing process and advertising strategy successful.Conclusion iTunes Stores has been successful especially after adopting its online presence. The wave of social sites offers better opportunities for business growth and marketing. The creation of new fun pages for its products has increased the number of visitors on the social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The use of Timeline for Products and Reach Generator will help to improve the current level of advertising for the store. It would be agreeable that social sites are providing new insights and strategies for campaigning, advertising and marketing of different services and products.BibliographySoskin, D 2010.

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