Affilate about sponsored content? I dont publish

Affilate Disclosure
FTC Disclosure Compliance Rules
The Federal Trade Commission updated their new rules for Disclosure Compliance in 2015.
This rules has been established to assure that readers or viewers of web media are conscious if the publisher or blogger is sponsored, approved or partnered with a different company. The readers needs to be aware if the content publisher is generating money by sharing a product or link.
In consent with the FTC protocols, please consider the following about links and posts on this site:
Most of the links on are affilate links from which i receive small compensation from sale of various products.

What are affilate links?
When a reader clicks on an affilate link placed on to purchase a product, the reader purchases the product from the seller directly( Not from i.e. the purchases are made on external affilate company websites.
Some Companies , Mainly Amazon pay 10rankers a small commission or other compensation for assisting to pull the customers to their website.
The costs or prices are precisely same for the readers whether they buy through an affilate link or non-affilate link. The purchase of the product via affilate or non affilate is independent to the actual cost of the product and doesnot affect its cost for the reader or visitor.
10Rankers uses two fundamental types of affilate programs;
1. Amazon affilate links is a competitor in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affilate advertising program designed to contribute a contribute a way for website owners to make money by linking to and affilated sites, including other websites that may have been affilated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.
2. Product affilate links
When an item affilate link is clicked and the item is bought by a reader or a visitor, then I will receive a fraction of the sale or some other form of compensation.
The prices or costs are completely independent of affilate links or original links. Affilate links arenot “pay per click” so I wont receive the compensation if the same reader buys twice or more.

What about sponsored content?
I dont publish sponsored contents. I prefer original,un-biased reports. But, if a company requested to publish sponsored content on . I would have revealed it in the beginning of the post.
The reality is that I prefer products I use myself or that i would suggest itto family and freinds. The reader’s purchase helps reinforce my research struggles. Thank you very much! I appreciate you !
The Disclosure is adapted from BrainProTips