Affirmative action – is this a solution to racism? Essay

Racism is everywhere. Is affirmative action a solution?Affirmative action was primarily introduced to support equality among different nationalities, races and genders. Although it is defined as an option to strive for freedom, opportunity and equality, some see this regulation as a quote based system full of injustice and discrimination.

So is affirmative action a reasonable solution for today’s problems or does it just arouse further complications? Affirmative action describes the behavior patterns of schools and companies when it comes to electing employees or students.By using this regulation, one tries to diminish discrimination and therefore aims to include a certain amount of individuals from different ethnic groups and genders. Living in a multi-cultural society, some individuals with migration backgrounds do not always have the same opportunities as native people, as they may be financially and socially underprivileged. Affirmative action allows these minorities to have the same access to education and employment as the others, enabling equality and justice. Furthermore, schools and companies benefit from communities that consist of various religions and ethnicities, because this encourages tolerance, as well as broadens one’s horizon. Despite its positive effects, there are still some negative consequences associated with affirmative action.

As an example, while the regulation supports minorities to receive more opportunities, it simultaneously discriminates other groups, causing unfairness.I believe that by allowing affirmative action, some may feel inferior to others, as one does not have the assurance whether one is accepted into a college or a company based on one’s abilities or on the skin color. Not knowing the truth and always wondering about the reason for one’s employment, affirmative action can cause insecurity and serious inferiority feelings. In addition, others may believe that it gives minority groups an undeserved advantage over them, as it is necessary to fulfill affirmative action requirements. This can have negative consequences for the institutions because they are forced to accept certain persons who may not even be suitable for the position. Summing up, affirmative action provides equal opportunity for underprivileged minorities, but also leads to irrational decision-making based on race or gender. Although it implicates various positive aspects, I still believe that the negative issues predominate.

To my mind, hard work, good grades and a clear determination should be considered when colleges or companies choose their members, not one’s origin. Affirmative action is definitely not a reasonable solution to racism, as it is a way of discrimination itself. I grew up with the idea that ambition, patience and great effort eventually lead to a successful future. If everyone acts on this maxim and does not rely on a biased regulation, the real meaning of equality and freedom will be achieved.