African history 

The human evolution is a series of human transformation that occurred centuries ago, and to date, no accurate analogy of the disparity between human races can be upheld. However, several scholarly studies from several fields such as science and religion have developed reasonable argument that are appreciated by the modern society. The African continent has been perceived to be a racially different continent, and despite having people of color, it is known to be religiously and economically distant from the other continents. The African race is viewed as a dark continent with economic stagnation, dark religious cultures, and a perfect specimen for scientific experiments regarding the human evolution. This is because black is normally associated with dullness and darkness and thus, the Africans are assumed to be uncivilized and economically stagnating. However, it is sad to ignore the fact that the nature of blackness in Africa may have resulted from the climatic conditions that made them racially different from the other continents.

Based on the argument displayed by scientists on the videos, I tend to agree that Africa is the Cradle of civilization. It is evident that the African race is the earliest cultural group on the face of the earth. This is because the earliest archeological evidence of early man was found in Africa, which reinforces this idea. For this reason, the Africans were the first people to discover means of survival. The food they used to eat, the animals they hunted, and the tools they used were the earliest techniques engineered by the African race. Furthermore, the fact that Africans migrated around the world to give rise to other races means that they were able to survive and adapt to the changing climatic conditions. Therefore, it is evident that Africans were the first race to bring civilization, but somewhere along the way, they were bypassed by the other continents.