African Women ; Pop Culture Essay

As a historical artifact I have chose a movie that only defines my family and I but African Americans as a whole. Given to us by Alex Haley in 1976, Roots gave us a inside look on African American history on the big screen. He brought it to our eyes to not only tell his background on his family history, but to show us what could be a lot of our ancestors in the early ages of this country. In the history of the United States nothing has brought more shame to the face of America than the cold, premeditated years of keeping black people in captivity, which is known as slavery.

Up until that we never seen how African American men and women treated and brought to the US in our own words. Dealing with Pop culture its looked at as a monumental piece of work for African Americans. I put the movie the movie Roots with my cultural artifacts, because it shows my history and gives me a sense of what my ancestors and past heroes had to go through in order for me to see a better day. Historically the movie is the best if not one of to be able to dialogue on screen in a way we would understand as the audience what took place.To the African American race, I definitely feel it is apart of our culture, because it is our culture.

It tells me a story on my own ethnicity in how severe cruelty and harsh environments they were put in. In their social class range all African Americans around that time was put in the bottom of class given little respect. Roots gave us a view in how we came in to this country and was treated as we was below the white culture.In treating both the males and females harsh with degrading them as they controlled them physically as well as mentally. In my early teenage years my mother recommended that I watch it.

At some point in time all my siblings have seen the movie Roots. Personally from the first time I’ve seen the movie it taught me a great deal of history from new pieces of history of always learned. The movie is very realistic and showed the harsh struggles during a terrible time for African Americans, but gave hope at the end for a new beginning.