After challenges from a holistic perspective. Currently,

After graduating from NIT
Durgapur in the year 2013, I was thrilled to get placed as an associate
consultant at Oracle Financial Services Software (OFSS), which was the perfect
amalgam of coding and consulting. Over the course of my work at OFSS, I got the
opportunity of working in different projects with international clients in the
financial services industry, where I presented a diverse range of solutions to
problems with people from different cultures.

Even though I have come a long way, my experience has been largely restricted
to consulting in technology implementation. I feel that acquiring knowledge of
core business drivers and its interdependence with technology will enhance my
problem-solving abilities and approach technology challenges from a holistic
perspective. Currently, I interact with people mostly from the IT background
and lack the visibility into other fields and industries, their challenges and

The ISB-PGP will imbibe cross-functional skillsets and enable me to build an
influential network through collaborating with classmates from diverse personal
and professional backgrounds. Conversations with my seniors Anuj Rohilla (PGP’
16) and Anirudh Sheldekar (PGP’ 18) have convinced me that at ISB I will learn
from a faculty of the highest calibre and acquire skills through excellent
developmental programs.

Post ISB, I plan to move up the value chain in technology and strategy
consulting towards a more defining role, from implementing technology tools to
enabling cross-functional business changes through strategic and business
insight. Through the program, I will supplement my experience in technology
with skills across functional areas of business. As for long-term goals, I hope
to become a partner in a technology strategy consulting organization and lead
global client engagements. Thus, ISB’s focus on emerging markets, renowned
faculty and diverse students and alumni will play a crucial role in helping me
achieve my goals.