After So I changed it.” She then

After young Joe shoots himself to save Cid and Sara, Sara then calmly puts Cid to bed after bandaging up the cut on his face caused by Old Joe’s shot. Sara goes back out to the sugar field and notices that the ground around the overturned truck is scattered with gold bars, which Old Joe looted from Abe’s headquarters. She and Cid will now be well provided for, for now. She walks over to Young Joe’s bloodied corpse lying in the field, and takes a moment to stroke his hair, something that he had secretly said to Suzie that his own mother used to do it for him. Sara then makes a grave for Young Joe and puts him there, dropping a single tear as she puts Young Joe slowly in his grave. Stating Young Joe’s words, “Then I saw it, a mom that would die for her son, a man that would kill for his wife, a boy angry and alone. Laid out in front of him, the bad path, I saw it. That path was a circle. So I changed it.” She then gives respect to Young Joe’s grave and goes back in the house. Sara then lies down beside Cid, singing a lullaby as she strokes Cid’s hair slowly. And as she strokes his hair, Sara slowly falls to sleep still thinking of Young Joe. As the night passed, Sara then wakes up and makes Cid breakfast after cleaning Cid’s wound and replacing the bandage. They ate together at the dining table peacefully, Cid then tells Sara, “I think that Joe is a really great guy, I always wanted a dad like Joe. But now he’s gone, I miss him already” Sara then responds to Cid, saying “yes, I miss him too just as much as you do. I wish he was here with us, safe and sound.” After eating breakfast, Sara tells Cid, “Why don’t we teach you how to use your powers and how to shoot a gun, in that way you can protect us from harm just as Joe would keep us safe?” Cid then tells Sara, “Sure, teach me how to use it mom.” Sara then proceeds to take Cid to the sugar field as she feels the warmness and love from Cid as he called her mom. They do this for several months until one day, as Sara was washing their dishes, sees a group of black henchmen approaching their house from the distance. Sara then rushes to Cid’s room, interrupting Young Cid’s playtime with a brief statement of “Cid Grab your things and follow me, fast.” Cid then packs his stuff, asking Sara to what is happening as Sara are packing her things up too and loads her shotgun with shells. Sara then tells Cid, “I don’t know but we have to go now!” As the henchmen barged through their house, they are met with a barrel of a shotgun to the face. Sara then pulls the trigger, blowing the henchman’s face with a bunch of buck shots. The henchmen are stuck with a bit of fear and quickly regroups outside, and as they prepare to attack again, this time being more careful. This time, they are met with an empty house as Sara and Cid has already escaped through the little tunnel that leads to the sugar field and took off with the truck, driving as far away from the farm as possible. Sara and Cid then stays in a motel for the night, still on the edge, Sara refuses to sleep for the night as she fears that the henchmen may find them. She tucks Cid for bed and puts him to sleep with a lullaby, as she thinks of Joe. What they did together, what they fought for, and what they felt for each other, wanting to go back to the farm and go to his grave to stay and rest there peacefully. A few days of travel has passed, Sara then finds them a small apartment to stay in and continue to make Cid a better with their training. After training and teaching Cid for a couple of years, Cid is now a fully grown young man, smarter than ever and with a power that no one can stop. He is now devoted to bringing finding a way to bring back Joe by doing what Old Joe did to get to the past. Cid asks Sara, “How did Old Joe get back and meet Young Joe?” Sara then tells Cid that he used a device called time travel machine, and that it was invented 30 years after Joe started doing his job. Sara tells Cid, “but it was quickly banned and only one machine exists and the mafia that Joe used to work for is the one that has and uses that one machine. Why have you asked this now?” Cid then tells Sara, “because I want Joe back, and live with us without all of this crap that has happened to us all in throughout the years.” Sara says “and how are you going to do that?” doubting Cid. But Cid replies with “I’m going to where the enemy is. I’ll take back Cid so we can be happy and live peacefully in the farm for the rest of our lives.” Sara then tell Cid with great worry, “It’s too dangerous to do it alone Cid.” Cid says, “I’ll take them, one by one.” After several months of hunting down the mafia, Cid then meets Abe’s son Michael, who took over their company/gang after Abe’s death. He then takes Michael hostage in his office. Cid asks Michael, “Where’s the f**cking time machine?!” Michael says, “Go to hell, A**hole!” Cid bashes Michael in the head with his pistol and takes him to an abandoned warehouse. Michael wakes up tied to the chair, still feeling dizzy, yelling “Where the hell am I?!” Cid then goes in front of Michael then asks, “Where’s my time machine?” with a knife on his hand.