After his quote, he says “To labor in

After reading this article about many different famous philosophers and their definition of Art, the philosopher and their definition of art that seemed interesting, different, and almost confusing was Steven Pressfield’s quote from The War of Art. In his quote, he says “To labor in the arts for any reason other than love is prostitution.” I read this quote more than 10 times to figure out what he was trying to tell the readers and I think he is trying to say if you don’t have a love, passion or interest in art and that you are just forcing yourself in prostitution. People who are involved in doing prostitution are doing it mostly because of money, but art is different because people should not be doing it for money. If a person does it for love they will end up feeling the passion of something greater than money based on true inspiration. Furthermore, if they are not committed to art and make it their priority or something they want to do for life, but just for money, they will not evolve. Mostpeople are creative and artistic that their talent leads them to success, but the let some thing’s block them from their success. What a person should learn in life is that everyone struggles, be strong, you have to treat your dream like its a full-time job. Do what you were meant to do and be passionate about it. If art is not what you’re passionate about then you are wasting your time and just doing it for the money. For instance, many people go into prostitution because of unemployment or substance abuse. But mainly they get attracted to the large amounts of money they can earn while doing it. So, it can be a reason behind it and it is not that they love it but they see it as fast money, a way to help them if they are in debt and or their way out of poverty and etc. In short, Pressfield is comparing art to prostitution because you lust for on many people for economical reasons or to gain something and your emotions are not engaged or there. In Art, you have to be passionate about it and if not and you’re just doing it because of the money or to gain something. You have to love it and not just pretend to find something greater in it than money.