Agenda Setting Essay

After six consecutive nights of comparing Channel7 news with that of SBS, the existence of agenda setting can be strongly supported in news of NSW. This concept can be perceived in the form of geological factors that contributes to the aspects of measuring the importance of a news event. Figure/human factors also affected the newsworthiness of an event, along with the contention of particular news. I was stunned and disappointed by the way contemporary news programs, exercises agenda setting as a technique of promoting minor news events, which raises the problem of spending less time on reporting the actual important news.

For example, an event such as an explosive charge spotted near roadwork (Channel7 09/07) in theory, should be presented longer in time than British destroyer remains in Lord Howe Island, considering the first event affects the safety of Australian citizens. However, Channel7 news presents otherwise. For two consecutive nights (09/07-10/07), the news of British Destroyer resting on Low Howe Island has been reported for exactly two minutes each night.

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I felt utterly disgusted by this news, basically filling audiences with dreary details such as postcards of Destroyer are on sell, or the commander commenting on the deliciousness of the lunch. Clearly, Channel7 disregard the importance of the content of the actual event. The fact that it is a British Destroyer does not mean they deserve any special attention. News programmes should be concerned about the actual content of an event, not the country where the event took place or the entertaining activities involved.

I also condemned the way Channel7 interpreted agenda setting as including sport being part of the news, which is the longest “news” yet to be reported, an average of 6minutes per night. Sure, Australia is a sport-dominant country, but not everyone is interested in it. Sport events shorten the time of presentation on actual “news”. News that raise public awareness, conveying serious messages/events across the state, events that might have a devastating impact on Australian, whether it is economically, politically or legally.

Perhaps Channel7 should adopt the technique used by the SBS, that is a 30minute programme dedicated purely to sports news. This way, sports viewers can enjoy full lengthy sports news, while general public who are not interested in sport can be informed about more news, nationally and internationally. Unlike Channel7 news, SBS represents a better version of non-sport related news, with only 20seconds per night devoted to sports review. However, Just like Channel7, SBS also indicates the presence of agenda setting via the geological determinant.

For example, on the first night of watching SBS news, an event of police car chasing a vehicle at 160km/hour on the highway in California (06/07) was being presented, an event, which is completely irrelevant to Australia. On the other night, the event of security preparation in Northern Ireland over Annual Protestant March (07/07) is revealed, which is another piece of useless information being reported. After three nights of examining, the bias presentation of the channel becomes apparent. SBS tends to focus on events happening in European countries, in particular that of the United States.

Comparing the news that had been reported on the same night, SBS chooses only 30seconds of dedication to the natural disaster of Tai Feng in China, which has killed 5 people, yet, the rain in Texas caused the flooding of the river that killed 7 people has been reported for a total of 2:40. Both are catastrophic events, killing approximately the same amount of people, yet one event is being reported for 2:10 seconds longer than the other one. The implicit inequality can be strongly felt between the juxtapositions of these two events.

The length of the time spent on reporting events of the same nature should not be judged by different geological places. SBS has committed a very offensive and discriminatory act in applying agenda setting in this way. Both channels not only possess the similarity of agenda setting through geological factors, the analogy of operating agenda setting using human/figure factors is also observable. Agenda setting play a big role when it comes to determining events that are associated with known-figures such as the Prime Minister John Howard.

Both news programmes spend more than 1minute on reporting any events that are associated with the Prime Minister, even if it is just showing him having a cup of tea at Greece (SBS 06/07 2:10) or hugging the Prime Minister of Italy (Channel 7 10/07 1:30). This supports the fact that both news channels determined the worthiness of an event in terms of the figures related, even if the news content is insignificant and practically useless. Without a question, Agenda Setting exists in news programmes. The time spent on reporting each event and the type of news selected to be present by the two channels constitutes to the formation of the concept.

In addition, both news channels make the evitable mistake by ranking geological factor, human/figure factors or entertainment factors such that of sport prior to the actual contention of a news event. Both news channels should alter their current determinants that are taken into account in presenting a news event. The channels should re-examined the news being reported, the news presented should be events that concerns Australian citizens” safety and living standard, not useless chuck of information that has nothing to do with us.