Airways flowchart Essay

Firstly, the airline company can build their brand and distinguish itself from he competitors by advertising. All information and prices should be included in the airline website so that potential customers can compare the airline to all the others. Besides that, the company should always maintain and improve its IT system for ticket reservation. For instance, they can include more payment options so that customers can pay online directly. When customers have any enquiries or problem, the customer service should always be accessible whether through a hotlist or by emailing the office.

Furthermore, the airline can also provide and inform about supplementary services such as airport shuttle service and more parking spaces. When customers first arrive to the airport and wanted to find out which check in desk to approach, the airline should have clear informative system to direct customers. For flight check in, it is crucial that the airline has a complete and well-updated database system so that it is easier to verify customers’ details and make the process less time-consuming.

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Extra counters should be revived during peak time in order to overcome excessive waiting time. The airline should also provide clear adjustments for extra luggage. During the security check, it is important that the security personnel stays alert and be courteous to customers. Customers should always be well informed about the restrictions and the prohibited items. To make the customers feel comfortable while waiting for the plane to depart, the airport should have facilities such as toilets, shops and bars.

Support vehicles such as uses are necessary to take the passengers to the plane if the plane is parked far away. The airport crew should have the mobile stairs readily attached to the plane’s door when the customers arrive at the location where the plane is. In addition, the airport and flight crew should also always show good hospitality to the customers. They should be ready and able to answer any questions from the customers. Customers satisfaction card should be given out in order to obtain customers’ feedback about the airline service process.