Alex at him, “Of course not.” Steven



Alex Berry



The slow ticking
sound could be heard faintly as Philip awoke from the crash. He anxiously
stumbled while trying to walk down the long walkway of the plane. He heard
death-like groans behind him. He slowly turned his head to discover where the
sound was coming from. He saw Sam, one of his best friends. Half of his face was
covered in blood. He walked towards Sam, staring at him. “Are y-you ok, Sam?”
Sam Says “My suitcase came out of the compartment and hit me on my head.”
Philip pulls Sam out of the seat and escorts him out of the plane. Philip
covered his eyes, surprised about how bright it was outside. Philip’s eyes
quickly adjusted to the blinding light. He looked around and realized he was in
some snowy place. Sam looked up at Philip. “Are we in the Arctic?” Sam said. “I
really don’t hope so.” Philip said in a frustrated tone. He heard someone from
inside of the plane say, “Where are we?” Philip ran to the plane, seeing a
woman standing in the doorway of the plane. “Who are you?” said Philip. “My
name is Sarah.” the woman said. “Oh.” Said Philip, “I’m pretty sure were in the
arctic.” Said Philip. The woman’s eyes started tearing up. “Really?” She said.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure.” The woman’s facial expression slowly faded from a,
“are you sure?” to a, “Oh no, I’m going to die here!” look. She went back
inside of the planes cabin and plumped into the seat where her belongings sat.

Philip looked along the cabin of the plane and saw Steven, another one of his
best friends sitting in his seat with his head resting in his hand. Philip
walked over to Steven and asked, “Are you ok, Steven?” Steven looks at him, “Of
course not.” Steven said. “We’re in the middle of Antarctica!” Steven rests his
head on his hand again and lets out a sigh. “I knew I shouldn’t have gotten on
this plane, I knew it.” Steven says. “Well if we’re in the Arctic, we need to
stay calm. Maybe somehow somebody will find us.” Philip says. “AND HOW ARE WE
GOING TO DO THAT?” Steven exclaims. “Steven! Just stay calm!” Philip says. “Whatever
you say, mom.” Steven sarcastically says. Philip for once fully scans the cabin
of the relatively small plane. He sees all of the dead bodies. He sighs knowing
that he can’t do anything. He walks out of the plane and sees Sam ripping a
piece of cloth out of his shirt to cover the suitcase injury. Sam wraps the
cloth around his head. Philip calls Sam over. He then calls Sarah and Steven outside
of the plane. “If there is anything like clothes, blankets, or pillows that you
have, grab those.” Says Philip. They all walk into the plane cabin and shortly
come back out with blankets, clothes, and pillows. They put on the extra
clothing and put the blankets and pillows in their backpacks. “Ok, we need
travel before dark. I’ve heard that helicopters look for stranded plane crash
survivors. That means we need to head out. It’d be really hard to spot us if we
stay in this white plane.” Philip discusses. They start their journey. A huge
blizzard storm starts to develop. “Is everybody still here?” Says Philip. “I’m
here.” Says Sarah. “I’m cold but still here.” Says Steven. There is nothing to
be heard after that. “Uh… Sam?” Says Philip. The only sound was the strong
winds from the blizzard. “Oh no. We’ve lost Sam…” Philip said. The whole team
stopped and felt sorrow. “Sam wasn’t that worried about the plane crash.” Sarah
said. “It’s almost as if he didn’t care, you think he knew this was going on?”
Sarah said. “Oh come on, are you really trying to recreate a Monsters Due on
Maple Street scenario?” Said Steven. “Where everybody just turns on each
other?” Sarah Stared at Steven with a smirk. “Well, maybe I just want to cause
some drama!” Says Sarah sarcastically. “Look, this is not the time for
sarcastic comments or arguments.” Said Philip. “We’re stranded in Antarctica or
someplace snowy, and here we are, causing extra stuff to bring us down.” The
group goes silent after that. The group walks for 13 hours. “I’m really dying
of thirst right now,” said Sarah. “Drink your spit,” says Steven. “That should
do the trick!” Philip thinks in his mind, “Should I just strand them? No…

That’d be a stupid, childish move.” 2 hours later. Philip looks at the ground,
depressed. Philip then hears little feat stepping in the snow. “Who’s
tip-toeing?” Said Philip. He turns around and sees that the team are walking at
a normal pace, none of the tip-toeing or walking fast. Just… normal. “Umm,
Philip, we have a problem,” says Steven. Philip looks up and sees a pack of 6-7
hungry wolves. “Oh crap,” says Philip. Steven whispers to Philip, “I’ll run at
them.” Philip looks at Steven as if he’s looking at an alligator about to
devour him whole. “Are you crazy, Steven?” Says Philip. “Just trust me,” says
Steven.” Philip watches Steven run after the wolves. The whole pack sprinted
away. “Wow, I’m actually impressed,” said Sarah. “Ok, he scared some wolves,”
said Philip. “We need to keep going.” Philip gets thirsty as the group
continue. Philip kneels in the snow and starts eating the snow. “Wow, that’s
the craziest I’ve ever seen you, Philip.” Said Steven. Philip ignores him and
keeps eating. They all are soon on their knees eating snow. “Ah, that’s
refreshing.” Said Philip. “You can say that again.” Said Steven. They continue
their journey. Philip spots a small stream ahead. “Hey, Hey, look. There’s a
stream above.” Philip sprints to the water. “Can you see that?” Said Philip.

“YEAH. There’s a base up ahead!” Said Steven. Philip runs through the river and
trips over a huge rock. The surprisingly violent current drags Philip down the
stream. His body scrapes against the sharp rocks, cutting his face and arms.

His foot got caught in between 5 rocks. Philip tries to peek his head out of
the water, but the water is just deep enough to where he can’t. Steven and
Sarah run over to Philip. Philip slowly walks to Philip, trying not to lift his
foot up too much. Steven pulls the rocks out of the way and drags Philip to the
other side. Steven then fords the river to help Sarah cross the river. Philips
face is severely bleeding at this point. He wipes the blood away with his hand.

Steven and Sarah get back from crossing the river. “You ok, Philip?” Says
Steven. “Yeah, I’ll be fine,” says Philip while wiping blood off of his face.

“We just need to get to that base.” They continue to the base. The base was
could be faintly seen, but it was visible. “Thank god!” Exclaims Sarah. “We’re
finally here.” Philip walks to the door of a small building and knocks. Knock
kno-. Before he could even finish knocking the door swung open. “Who are you
and how’d you get down here?” A man asked. “We were in a plane crash.” Said
Philip. “Oh really?” Said a man sitting at a table. “Yeah, we’ve been walking
for about a day now.” Said Philip. “Ok, ok, come in.” Said the man at the door.

The room smelled of smoke. Philip wanted to cover his nose, but knew it would
be rude. They went it and it was very warm. They noticed that there were at
least 6 more men sitting at the table, talking and laughing. Philip, Steven,
and Sarah stood, looking around the small building. The man that was originally
at the door came back with big, puffy coats. “Here, put these on and let’s go
to the helicopter.” Said the man. Philip, Steven, and Sarah put on the coats
and went to the helicopter. They got in and the man started it up, gave them
headsets and took off. There was only one problem, he forgot to fuel up. The
man drove the helicopter for some days until the helicopter started descending.

“Oh no.” Said the man. The helicopter started spinning rapidly. “AAAAAAH!”
Exclaimed the whole group. The helicopter plunged into the ice-cold water. The
team was unable to open the doors. There was a crack in the windshield. Crack,
crack, crack. The team’s eyes were wide as they stared at the cracking
windshield. “Do not move.” Said the man. But soon enough, without anyone
moving, BOOM. The windshield exploded as water rushed into the helicopter.

Everyone drowned in the icy water.