Alex From Target Questions Debate Essay

There are advantages and disadvantages of having a picture or video of you o viral. The advantages are that people notice you and you get popular and famous. You get to meet famous people and get interviewed. Along the way someone may be looking for an actor on a T. V show and they want you for good looks or being funny. The disadvantages of going viral is if you go viral for an inappropriate picture of you. That will stay on the internet forever and people will make fun of you.

You will be famous for the wrong thing and then hen you try to find a job, your boss will find this picture of you and won’t hire you. Alex will probably never live a “normal life” again. He will be famous and known by everyone around the nation. Alex will possibly get opportunities to be an actor if he IS lucky or maybe be a store model. His good looks can take him somewhere more than ever since he is so popular. Alex could possibly just reject all offers and go back to his life and have many twitter followers and fans.

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Alex from Target got famous from a group of teenage girls who spread the word about him. I don’t believe Target had anything to do with it. The picture went on a social media site and the views and hits came in. People spread the word about him and used the washrag #Electromagnet. Alex will be known as the good looking guy. He will advantage of good looks and be famous. He will meet people. I don’t think he will become unpopular. Alex will have more job opportunities as well. For example, being a model for Firebombed.